How to Enjoy the Lowest Airfare Deals By Changing Your IP with A VPN

lowest airfare deals

Airlines tickets don’t come cheap. They can ruin your holiday plans as these tickets get soared like an eagle, so quick. People who don’t regularly fly always fall under the trap of ticketing hike. The days are gone when it was easy to believe that you will get cheap tickets from the counter but the kind of cheap tickets you can find from the internet cannot be obtained from anywhere else.

If you fly airline regularly, you know the strange phenomenon regarding the airline tickets. These tickets are very prone to go up within minutes. You open an airline ticket website, and you surf around to check for the best prices on a specific date, the amount of delay you make while selecting, the costs might get a 10% increase. So, a business class ticket, which was earlier shown as 300$, might change to 342$, in just one or two minutes.

Now, the main question is how these airline ticketing websites escalate the prices, in a matter of minutes? These airlines look into the number of times the ticket for a particular route has been searched and subsequently, changing your ticketing price accordingly. Also when you get a coupon or offer from the airline company, for cheap tickets, think twice before accepting those, as we are going to tell you their main agenda behind it. These airline companies have their own IT system to track and find their customer location and show them the price according to two secret components, that is still unknown to many people.

Cookies: Whenever you visit any website, you are automatically accepting their internal cookies that become a part of your system like a “new strand fitting into a DNA piece”. These cookies are given by the website to personalise your search and show you content according to it. Now, as many times you may have visited the site, they will be able to track your location and activity. In this case, Airline companies put these cookies inside your system, and the more you visit, they get to know about your visit rate. This info gets run by their IT department and by getting evaluated under a specific algorithm, then they analyse the probability of how urgent you need this ticket?  So, the moment you and other customers give info about the departure, date and destination to the website, it automatically jacks up the prices. To counter these, follow the below procedure

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First and foremost, you need to erase these cookies from your system, so that they don’t find your exact location. Do this before visiting an airline website-

  •    Delete cookies before landing on any ticketing website, as they might not even open without getting your acceptance of allowing their cookies in your system.
  •    Install as many browsers you can on your system, and try to open the ticketing sites on new browsers anytime you book.
  •    There is an incognito mode in your browsers. Open your airline ticketing website in these incognito tabs. In this way, the cookies can’t track back your searches, but IP address can be traced.

IP address: This is the main culprit behind this escalated ticketing price. Supposedly, you are based in New York, and you are making a ticket to London, so the ticket price shows 590$, but the same ticket having the same destination and departure place, will cost around 340$ in Brazil. It is because Airline Company changes their price according to their market penetration in a particular country. Pan America, being popular in the US, will charge more for US citizens but the same ticket will be cheaper for a Bolivian, as they are no market of Pan America in Bolivia.

Well, the genesis of the particular problem is discussed, but how can we get cheap tickets? You need a trusted tool using which you can get cheap airline tickets sitting at home, and this tool is VPN.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network that can alter your geographical location to some other country and create camouflage to the central server that you are from somewhere else. E.g./ If you are in the UK and use a proper VPN, you can change your geographical location to the US and get access to online stuff that is limited for US citizens only.

A VPN can give you access to many benefits, and one of them is making your airline ticket prices cheaper and letting you book by just sitting in your home. You need high-speed internet and a well-functioning system. So to get the best benefit out of it, you have to follow the below-mentioned procedures.

Install a renowned VPN

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It’s better to use a trusted VPN service that can hide your locations behind another IP address and create a well-established connection. The VPN must have the ability to hide your real location and allot you a IP address of a country you preferred. Well, first, if you are starting to notice sudden price hikes on your travel website, then close your browser, delete your cookies, change your IP address through VPN and then check the prices – you will find the prices have been drop to their original rates.

Choose a third world country

The use of VPN is clear and its benefits too but the country you must select to get the airline ticket at a low price is the main quest. To make you understand clearly, let’s refer to the above example of Pan America and Bolivia, it is evident that the US is a highly developed country and Bolivia is a part of third world country, so it’s better to choose a country that is lesser developed than you. It’s the hacker secret that uses this successful strategy by selecting a country that has a much larger population with a low-income group. For example, if you are making a visit to India and you are in the US, open your VPN, select India and instead of choosing any international airline, go for Air India. You can get a lot better prices from the domestic flights in comparison to the international ones

Using international sites of local airline companies

You can also try to get cheap tickets by trying the international domains of these airline companies. E.g., If you are selecting the Fly Emirates, rather than searching for the Fly, go for Fly or Pakistan). Trying these various domains of the same website can give you different prices, but before that, you must delete your cookies and use your incognito mode. However, this cannot fool the airline site as it might still be able to track back your original location. Using a proper VPN can make your search go unnoticed by your home country, and you can get the tickets with the lowest prices.

Now, there might be a lot of questions in your mind about using a VPN but to make you clear, using a VPN is entirely legal and safe way to get cheap and best airline tickets.

Surprisingly, a VPN can offer you many other benefits

You might need the VPN to keep you away from unnecessary virus and malware, while surfing the net in an airport, using their Wi-Fi. You have to go for the premium versions of VPN, rather than opting for the free version as the free ones might have limitations and stop you to get full benefits. Your bandwidths will be limited, with fewer numbers of servers allowed for access and lesser speed than premium version. You don’t want such limitations while browsing and issuing tickets for yourself.