How to find an IP Address from Instagram?

An IP address is a source where hackers can get inside in your system and do all the malicious activities with just one click.

This is what you’ve been told always, it is true but there is more to just IP address retrieval.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Say that you have multiple visitors coming to your website, now some of them would leave their contact details, some would engage directly and then there are a few of them who would keep coming to your website but there is zero information about them.

Now think that one of those visitors is called Adam. You want to know more about Adam, so what you do here is capture his IP address. With his IP address, you understand the location he has come from and realize that almost half the things online are blocked from his country.

So what do you do next?

You will start to engage with Adam by sharing content or reaching out to him and then catering to his needs.

Did this example surprise you?

Any activity that you conduct online until it is done with the right intent, it cannot be considered as illegal. 

You are aware that social media handles are growing and the one that is now becoming the hub for millions of users online is Instagram.

Multiple brands are selling on this platform, now imagine what would happen if you do the same but with a little more advantage, getting the IP address.

It’s easy and simple to conduct this process.

Table of Contents:

1 . What is an IP address?

2. Why should your brand start tracking IP Addresses?

3. How to find an IP address from Instagram?

4. What are the types of IP address trackers?

Let’s take you on the tour.

What is an IP address?


IP stands for Internet protocol. 

The IP address is a unique number every user has.

With the IP address, your location details can be revealed, not the exact location but where you are from can be revealed. 

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IP addresses are the main reason why you get blocked. For instance, say that you want to access a restricted website and you get blocked, this happened because that website would have an authorized audience only and so when the request was detected your IP address wasn’t matching the audience location, it got blocked. 

As stated earlier, when you have the opportunity to tap or capture someone’s IP address, it becomes easy for your brand to function better online. 

We can prove to you this.

Why should your brand start tracking IP Addresses?


Tracking your prospect’s IP address can help you understand them better. This is especially useful if you are advertising on Instagram and want to optimize your campaign 

For instance, you might be aware of how many prospects will and on your website but is that enough to cater to them?

What if you had information on their location, how they found out about your brand and their actions on your page, wouldn’t it help your brand to grow better?

These minute information can play a huge role in understanding what your prospects are and what they are seeking. For instance, say that your prospect is staying in a restricted country and almost all applications have been banned for use there.

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Now you are a vendor that sells reliable proxy servers, they would be searching for a proxy server solution that can help them to conduct their activities. Imagine now that you came to know about this prospect and have understood the location it comes from and the need to find a proxy solution, wouldn’t you go cater to them better?

By approaching them, engaging with them, and then selling your solution. You can align your proxy solution in accordance with the safety and other requirements that the prospect is looking for. 

Tracking IP addresses for the right reason like this isn’t wrong. You are using such a medium to get to know your prospect better cater to them better. This will help you align your sales strategy better and sell what the prospect is looking for and expecting in your brand.

You can use your method of IP address tracking on Instagram too. Instagram is growing to become a huge hub for not just millennials, but for multiple brands like yours. 

It’s time you make use of such a platform well.

How to find an IP address from Instagram?


To track IP addresses on Instagram you need to first head to the profile of the user whose IP address you require. Next to the username, there are three dots, click on that and copy their profile URL. Head to Grabify IP logger, IP logger, or any other related or similar websites. The profile link which you copied, do the same copy in the bar seen and hit the ‘Create URL’ option. Once the result page opens, you will automatically see a new link generated.

Interact with the user for quite some time and then send them the shirt link you have. You need to entice the user to click on this link by stating that they can get some value from it. When they do that, refresh the page in the logger website and the user’s IP address will appear at the bottom of the page.

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Switching on the ‘Hide bots’ option while interacting on social media handles can also help you get the user’s genuine IP address.

In case you want to learn more about the user or your potential prospects, you could head to IP tracker or similar websites and click on the IP tracker option. Copy-paste the IP which you received in the IP logger websites and start to trace it. Every detail including the name, location, area code, ISP, and other relevant information of the user will be displayed.

Did you know that there are multiple IP address tracker types that can help you find your IP address on Instagram more conveniently. Using any one of these can help you to conduct better IP actions.

What are the types of IP address trackers?


1. IP address managers

This tracker includes multiple tools with reference to IP tracking in order to align the process of IP address management. 

2. IP address trackers

These are applications that can help to determine IP addresses that would be configured on any of your networked devices.

3. IP address scanners

This application lets you scan multiple IP addresses. It will notify each IP address that is in the range and inform on the ones that are reporting. This application can either be customizable or can be set according to the beginning and end of the IP addresses and also from complete subnets.

The Bottom Line…

As promised and proved, finding your IP address on Instagram can be done conveniently and in the right manner.

Before you get started, let’s summarize what was covered:

Key Takeaways:

  • IP address helps to track the location of the user
  • You should track IP address of your brand because it can give you multiple information about your prospects which can help you to sell better and more
  • You also learned how to find an IP address from Instagram
  • We also covered the types of IP address trackers such as IP address managers and more

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