How to find Cheap Airline Tickets



Often, the most expensive bit of a trip is the flight. Securing a cheaper airline ticket is, therefore, the ultimate solution for your travel goals. Have you ever had your holiday plans cut short because of the Airline tickets? Am sure, if yes, the experience was not one of the best for you. Airline tickets have always been on the roof, sometimes making it almost unaffordable for the majority of would-be airline travellers. If you try LimeVPN, things may never be the same again since your flight ticket will be made slightly cheaper than before.

Did you ever know that prices vary depending on your location when acquiring a ticket online? Often, the cost of a flight depends on the distance you travel, the date of purchase of your ticket, and the airline you travel with. However, another factor still chips in; location. It is still so hard to figure out how location can affect your flight. This means that your geo-location can have a significant impact on your travel decisions.


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Typically, airlines have the premise that foreign visitors are more willing to spend their money than the locals. This makes them hike the prices for the bookings made by overseas travellers. They do this using your internet’s IP address to know your city and country when booking online. This means the travel company will let you buy the ticket at the price that they want. You may thus end up buying a ticket more expensive than a person who books the same flight but from another country. The worst thing with this is that it is often not publicized.

Don’t let your location and previous travel behaviour deny you your next holiday to that preferred destination. The use of a VPN will definitely offer you cheaper flight booking. The VPN will spoof your geo-location and let you book services from within the country you wish to travel to avoid suffering the high cost simply because you are located in a different part of the world. So the next time you are booking a flight, try to re-think the ways of securing a cheaper flight. But how does this really work? Below are few tips to help you obtain a more affordable air ticket for the holiday you have been dreaming about.


Use a virtual private network (VPN)


The use of a VPN will give you the best results for the cheapest flight. This is a safe and legal mechanism for securing a cheap airline ticket. Typically, a VPN will let you change your IP address to one from the country you are booking with or to one from a low-income country. However, you must also be keen on the type of VPN you are using. The VPN you use must be safe, reliable, and above all, affordable. You must also ensure that you use only the trusted VPNs for you to rip the maximum benefits and as well avoid the limitations that come with using a free one. Using a free VPN will expose you to challenges like slow speed, access to limited bandwidth, and a limited number of servers. With such benefits, there is no reason you should still be overcharged while there is a cheaper option at your disposal; using a VPN.


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With the popularity VPNs have gained in changing and bouncing IP addresses globally, browsing freedom is now guaranteed and one can access whatever they need in the World Wide Web, and unbelievably, they also can do this anonymously but only through premium virtual private network applications. As you search for travel websites, the travel companies often see your IP address. This means that they can track your geographical location. This may have adverse effects on you since you might be overcharged if you reside in a different country.

The best solution is such a situation is to hide your IP address. If you happen to have noted price changes while booking online, change your IP address and re-check the prices. They will probably have dropped by a significant figure or to the original rates. This is the time you can book your flight. Alternatively, you may opt to change your IP address to that of a low-income country. This might attract low prices for you. In case it is an international flight, let your location not be the city of arrival or departure.



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Often the travel website you are booking with keeps track of your searches. This is done by having the website store your cookies on your computer to keep your internet surfing personal. If, for instance, you are making a comparison from different travel websites, you may notice price hikes when you re-visit a site you viewed previously. Maybe this is the time you should book to avoid further higher rates. However, the ideal solution to this is to keep your cookie jar closed. You can do this by clearing your browser’s cookies every tim e you visit a travel website. Alternatively, you can try a different browser every time you make a booking. You can also browse in incognito mode to prevent it from storing cookies. This may, however, not be the best solution since your IP address is still public.


Use the International Websites


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An alternative approach for a cheaper flight is using an international website for booking. You might think of trying the various domains of the travel website. If, for instance, you are looking for a travel company in the United Kingdom, you may try using the “” domain. Alternatively, you can use the “.ca” domain. This trick may not yield the best results if your IP address is visible on the website. Changing your IP address is, therefore, the number-one solution to the entire problem.