How to get a personal VPN and why you need one

You may perhaps have an idea of what a Virtual Private Network is, but probably you haven’t used it. Maybe you never thought of using it or apparently, it’s because of other circumstances that you haven’t got one. The reason could as well be that you’ve never discovered the one big thing about a VPN. A Virtual Private Network secures the internet connection of your computer and guarantees the encryption of the data being sent against access by the wrong hands. That’s why I think you really should be using a personal VPN for your connection to the internet.

The process is easy and very affordable, but you need to consider where you are acquiring your VPN as well. If you thought that getting a personal VPN would be a huge setback for your pocket size, then you are wrong. You can secure a very cheap VPN, and of course a very reliable one with Limevpn.

Typically, you remain vulnerable to security breaches every time you connect to the internet. You can, however, avoid this by securing a VPN. You may wonder how you are vulnerable. Below is a look at the reasons you need to use a Virtual Private Network, and of course how you can get one.

A Virtual Private Network protects your privacy


Privacy has always been paramount when it comes to connecting to the internet. Did you know that your internet service provider (ISP) spy on you every time you make a connection to the internet? Do you wish to give anyone spying you a nearly impossible time figuring out which websites you are visiting? If yes, then a VPN service will do it for you. A VPN always remains the number one security when it comes to your privacy and confidentiality.

Did you know that your signals are broadcasted to everyone every time you connect to the internet through a public WiFi for instance? Well, if the people around you are savvy enough to eavesdrop, then sending your confidential emails or browsing is at a risk. These types of WiFi do not offer security encryption to their users. This means that your connection to the public WiFi could expose your data to even the junior hackers using Firefox Tamper Data. To avoid this, I think you should consider acquiring a cheap VPN for the safety of your connection the next time you consider connecting to that 10-dollar-a-day hotspot, airport or hotel WiFi.

A VPN will let you bypass your government’s internet censorship

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Maybe your country denies you free and open connection to the internet. Well, I think you should worry no more since a VPN will do it for you. A VPN service will break the barrier your country has placed with limited internet access or blockage of connection to some websites. Accessing internet in China may be a good example. The Great Firewall by the country to block several sites can be broken by using a VPN. If you live in a country with similar attributes, then consider getting a personal VPN.

It will stop Google from you

it will stop google from tracking you

Consider getting out of troubles and embarrassment. Did you know that no matter how much you love and enjoy their services, Google keeps track of everything? If you didn’t know, that’s surely true. By now Google has the records of your searches, your movements, and all activities online through your Android phone. You can, however, avoid the embarrassment by acquiring a cheap VPN which will hide your IP and restore your privacy.

A VPN will give you other countless benefits while browsing

countless benifits of vpn

With a VPN, you can as well enjoy numerous benefits like securing your VOIP (Voice-Over-IP) phone calls, bypassing restrictions from your college, access to cheap flights, and accessing content from services like Netflix and Torrents.

If you consider improving the security of your VOIP calls, then you should get a VPN. Your VOIP services are always vulnerable to hacking or compromise from attackers with the knowledge of your internet architecture.

You may also wish to avoid the risk of government surveillance while using BitTorrent. A VPN service will avert such situations for you and allow you to download movies, TV shows, and series as well as other content from torrent websites. With a VPN, you will also be able to access  Netflix content wherever you are. Netflix and Amazon Prime will not broadcast US content outside the U.S. due to copyright agreements, but thanks to VPN which will solve your problem. Typically, a VPN will let you change your IP address to your preferred location, like say, the United States, and offer you tons of content from any of the restricted providers as well.  

Getting a personal VPN

get a personal vpn

Well, by now you have some insights on why you should use a VPN. Before setting up one, you will have to consider a couple of things like affordability and customizability. Acquiring a customizable VPN program is what you should go for. Once you have purchased your VPN program, you will need to set things up and running which can be done by connecting to the VPN.