How to get rid of Mobile Malware?

‘’According to the Intel Security/McAfee April 2017 trends report, at the end of 2016 there were more than 600 million malware variants in total. There were approximately 15 million different mobile malware variants at the end of 2016, up from just under 8 million. Globally, approximately 8 percent of mobile users had been infected by mobile malware at the end of 2016.’’

The online world has given everyone the opportunity to do so much with it such as for brands they can engage with their potential prospects via social media handles, for researchers to capture more data and so many more other options.

But with a great asset comes a huge risk, the risk of hackers making their way through you, especially through your smartphones.

Your smartphone is your lifeline, from booking transport to searching your way in new places, and even to conducting your business, your smartphone is your mini friend that lets you know everything you need with just one click. 

However, did you also know that your smartphone is at a huge risk, a risk that is termed as ‘mobile malware’?

This is a virus or rather a huge risk that can do multiple damages to your smartphone. Once it enters, it can cause nuisance and privacy issues which you may not even be aware of.

We all are growing with technology which means that we are also growing with the risks attached.

Mobile malware is a topic that requires your attention especially at the age of 2020 and the years to come, and if you don’t start taking it seriously and conducting the right measures, your smartphone will be the hub for illegal actions to take place.

How can this article help you?

1 . We will share insights on what mobile malware is

2. How can you identify if you are under the trap of mobile malware?

3. Types of mobile malware you could encounter with

4. How to eliminate your smartphone from mobile malware?

5. How to eliminate mobile malware from iOS and Android?

6. How using a VPN service can secure your smartphone online activities?

Let’s get started. 

Meaning of Mobile Malware


Mobile malware is a malicious software that was created so that hackers can enter into your mobiles, laptops, and other devices for the purpose of stealing private data and so much more.

Your smartphone has everything, your bank details, your social media handles and so much more, imagine what would happen when the hackers get a hold of all this?

1 . Your private data will be stolen which can help the hackers to steal your money and more

2. There are high chances of identity theft

3. Your smartphone will be in line to conduct multiple illegal actions without your knowledge.

You might have encountered or know someone who had encountered mobile malware, but you might not be aware of how you can detect it. 

Hence for your safety, we have covered the top actions that can help you detect and make your alert if you are under the trap of mobile malware. 

How can you identify if you are under the trap of mobile malware?

If any of the below actions are experienced by you, that confirms that you are under the trap of mobile malware:

1. If you receive a notification stating that your phone is locked and if you wish to unlock it then you need to pay a ransom in the form of Bitcoin amount to retrieve it

2. You start to observe that your smartphones are making calls, sending images, your images are being opened without you even doing anything to trigger that action

3. You start to observe that your mobile data suddenly increases rapidly when your internet usage is pretty low or less for that to happen

4. You start to find your smartphone different such as your home screen is changed, you have apps downloaded which you wouldn’t think of using

5. You would have realized that your phone battery is draining quicker, your phone is also getting heated up with your minimal usage

Malware is of multiple kinds, especially mobile malware as their main focus is to attack the operating system of your smartphone, we have shared the list for your better understanding.

Types of mobile malware you could encounter with


1. Trojans

This is a risk where the hacker will try to control your device by executing a code remotely. 

2. Keyloggers

This is a risk where the hacker will analyze all your keyloggers in your system in the effort of finding valuable information that they can steal. 

3. Bank trojans

This is a risk where the hackers can try to enter in your bank accounts via your bank applications or will entice you to download any fraud bank applications. 

4. Ransomware

This is a risk where the hacker has caught hold of some of your valuable information and then they tell you to pay them a ransom amount so that they can give it back or either destroy them. 

5. Ghost Push

This is a risk where the hackers will make use of Android devices to get root access or get you to update your software or enforce malicious advertisements on your smartphone. 

6. Adware/Spyware

This is a risk where Spyware will be installed with the ads seen by you and the tracking will take place so that your activity can be captured. 

So how can you put an end to these mobile malware actions?

We might have something that you can try to avoid or escape from it.

How to eliminate your smartphone from mobile malware?


1. Download security applications

There are multiple ways to eliminate mobile malware, the first one is to download security applications. These are apps that you can install into your system which secures your actions. 

2. Conduct safe actions on your device

When you want to browse some content on your smartphone ensure that you’re doing it from the right sources. Whatever actions you conduct on your browser ensure that you don’t click to any sources you are not aware of or hit the cookie option. 

3. Have a backup of your information

You conduct multiple actions on your smartphone, it only makes sense if you also take a backup of it accordingly. In case if your data is stolen or destroyed, you always have a copy elsewhere. Conduct your backups regularly and store it in a secure place. 

4. Conduct downloads from reliable sources

When you want to download music, content, and more things, ensure that this is being done from reliable sources. Your download actions are one of the easiest ways for hackers to enter into your system in the form of viruses and more. Downloads should be conducted from a source you are aware of or is popular. 

5. Get away from suspicious sources

In case if you feel that you’re being taken to a wrong source or that you are on a page where the source is not familiar, immediately get away from it. This can be a trap to track your actions or steal your data. Ensure that anything website or page that your browse is always authentic. 

6. Update softwares/hardware/apps

Another easy way for hackers to enter your system is when your updates are not regular. A good and regular update defines good security in your system. In fact, it enhances your system better which means that your experience with your device will be better than it was before the update. 

7. Educate yourself and your team about the attacks

If you’re a brand, educate your team about the attacks. When you do this, you’re making it easier for attack alerts to be identified quicker and solutions to be placed on time hence reducing the damage. Keep yourself updated about the new ways of attacks and what precautions can be used. 

8. Lock your phone with technology

You now have easy technology solutions such as fingerprint and face look recognition which on your command will open accordingly. This is a great way to secure your system in case your smartphone has been stolen. 

Since mobile malware can cause attacks to iOS and Android devices, you even have the option to secure and get away from the risk. We have covered the measures in our next category. 

How to eliminate mobile malware from iOS and Android?


This action is applicable if both iOS and Android have been affected by mobile malware. A few online article shared the steps to be taken:

1 . iOS

  • Use iCloud to backup the data on your device
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset
  • Click “erase all content and settings” to clear all apps and data
  • Restart your iOS device and set it up again.
  • Sign into iCloud when you set up your iOS device and restore your backed up data.
  • Re-download your apps again from the App Store

Also in case if your using Safari as your search engine and you suspect that your landing on susious pages, you can do this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Safari
  • Clear History and Website Data
  • Tap Clear History and Data
  • Check if that has fixed the issue

2. Android

mobile malware

  • Go to Settings >> Security >> Device administrators
  • Find the suspicious app
  • Uncheck the box
  • Choose “Deactivate
  • Select OK
  • Return to Apps or Application Manager to uninstall

Also if you have already understood which is that application that is giving you the mobile malware, you can conduct the below action as well:

  • Hold the power button until Power off appears
  • Hold Power off until Safe mode appears
  • Tap Ok to restart in Safe mode
  • When your device restarts, tap Settings
  • Tap Apps
  • Scroll down the list of your installed apps until you see the one you want to remove
  • Tap the app
  • Tap Uninstall from the App Info window
  • Restart your device

mobile malware

Did you know that apart from the above measures there is also another way where you can avoid mobile malware?

You can make use of a reliable VPN service that ensures that your online actions that you conduct on your phone are not seen by anyone. They are efficient in nature and from a brand point of view, offer multiple advantages for your online safety via the mobile device.

Let’s get a better understanding of the same. 

How using a VPN service can secure your smartphone online activities?


Let’s understand the impact of a VPN service from a brand point of view so that you’ll be able to relate better. 

VPN stands for virtual private network. It conducts a secure process of ensuring that your IP address is being hidden when you conduct any online actions.

mobile malware

As a business, the need to spend multiple amounts of money isn’t as possible as you expect it to be, does that mean your business should remain behind?


This is exactly why a VPN service can help you. With a VPN service you can do so much for your business and your employees. For instance, you can serve your prospects better by finding out better information about them. This means surfing from websites and other sources that are restricted and without being caught, thanks to the support of the VPN service you choose.

What a VPN would do is it would let you access any information you want by hiding your IP address and giving you another IP address that will suit the requirements of accessing that information. For instance, maybe the information you want is only allowing those users who are residing in London.

So what the VPN would do is it would give you an IP address which will tell your location as London. That is exactly how you will continue to operate with this service. It will continue to hide your real identity and keep you safe from any online activity you wish to conduct.

Another reason why VPNs are better for your business is because it helps to encrypt your traffic which means no one can see what your actions are. They will only be able to see that you are VPN connected but nothing more. VPNs are very reliable and in a business where you have to conduct multiple confidential information handling, this solution is the perfect one for you.

Since you are now aware of what VPN is, let’s give you a closer view of how it can benefit your business better.

This applies to any type of business, even small brands.

1. High security

mobile malware

There will be times that your business might have a few of your employees who would be working remotely. There could be instances where a few small businesses might not have an office and are working from home instead if that is you, you need a VPN to safeguard your work activities. You are aware that hackers are just getting stronger and one small mistake can get them to enter your system. 

Don’t let that happen to you or your employees. Luckily for you with the use of a VPN your employees can conduct efficient actions online without any risks of being caught or getting blocked. This is important because you are a long way ahead of growth and if you want to succeed better you need a solution that can not stop you from learning and growing.

2. Better prospects management

The best way to cater to your prospects is to serve them just what they are looking for. And for businesses like yours, conducting cold emails and calls are important. Missing out on them can be a huge loss for your business. With a VPN this process becomes easier. You can use a VPN to capture vital information about your prospects such as testimonials or any other feedback.

You can get a vow of your competitors and understand how they are catering to their audience so that you can fill in the missing gaps they left out. This will enhance your service better and directly impact your actions to sell better to your prospects. The more data you receive about your audience such as their likes, dislikes, and more, the better your employees will be able to convince them to invest in your brand.

3. Share files securely

A few of your employees will be working remotely or a few might be sick and working at home, at times file sharing is needed. You need to at times share on a different network the files, at times conducting it through an unsecured channel can cause a leak or loss of vital information. 

It is important that this needs to be eliminated without any hassle which is why conducting file sharing with the support of VPN service is helpful. 

4. Provides online anonymity

Your business is growing and at this point how much you can research about your prospects, strategies you can apply, and more will be beneficial for your business. But not all the information you see online is available, there are some websites that are restricted which is why using a VPN is important. 

A VPN will hide your anonymity online and ensure that no one knows that it is you who is trying to access information from a restricted source. This is important because your employees can easily work on studying and understanding the prospects better, they will be able to conduct research on successful brands to enhance your business and more.

With a VPN this process becomes easy and holds no restriction for growth.

5. Network performance

Your network performance will improve soon after you start using a VPN service. What happens is ISPs (internet service providers) consume so much bandwidth as they try to control the traffic. This will indirectly slow down your business network which will hence impact your employee’s actions.

What a VPN does is it encrypts your traffic, pushing you away from anything that could slow down your work activities.

There are multiple VPN services available in the market, but you need to choose the one which contains all the requirements that match your business which is well explained below.

mobile malware

1. Invest in a paid VPN

Everybody likes a free service but with a free service comes security checks which are not available. Hence it is important that you invest in a VPN service that is paid and offers a good number of services for you with the pricing stated.

2. Good security

The security matters in any VPN service so you need to ensure that you are investing in a VPN service that offers great security measures. You could opt for 256-bit encryption as that is standard in the VPN industry. Remember security matters and that is exactly what you need to prioritize.

3. Faster speed

You are going to use your VPN service for multiple activities as stated above such as research and more and if your VPN slows down, it will only affect your work. Ensure that the VPN service you invest in is good for any activities you conduct.

4. A good support team

There will be instances where you might experience a problem with your VPN. Immediate assistance can help you get back to work quicker instead of having delays. Invest in a VPN service provider that is going to assist you as and when you need them.

5. No logging policy

VPN service providers do store your internet activity and can do a lot with it. To eliminate this from happening ensure you understand what information is being stored and if you’re not comfortable ask for a no-logging policy. This will keep your internet activities safe from every point. 

The Bottom Line…

You’re dependent on your smartphone because you are aware that it can help you do the multiple things the digital works are providing you.

Even small businesses or other businesses use smartphones or mobile to conduct their business, in such a case it’s better if you’re being secured from around.

So tell us, what did you think of this article? Were you surprised by the information? What are your views on this topic? We would love to hear from you.

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