How to Hide Your VPN from DPI?


It’s easy to understand why you may be confused by the topic of hiding your VPN from DPI, as your VPN is supposed to be the last form of encryption from eavesdroppers. Yes, the use of a VPN encrypts your data and keeps your privacy safe, but it’s also necessary that you disguise this encrypted data and make it look like regular data.

Table of Content

1 . DPI – How Do ISPs Know You’re Using A VPN?

2. DPI VPN Makes Your VPN Vanish Sometimes

2. How to Know When to Use DPI VPN

3. Why You Should Unblock Sites with Firewall Restrictions Using LimeVPN

So if someone decides to look at your connection and requests, your DPI VPN while retaining security and anonymity will make your data look like regular unencrypted data. How does this happen and why is it necessary?

DPI – How Do ISPs Know You’re Using A VPN?


DPI helps classify and identify types of data. It’s used by ISPs, government agencies, and other people for either good or bad reasons. For example, it can be used to run network performance tests, and can also be used to put up a barrier against communication across a country’s borders.

DPI analyzes internet traffic that people use for example, when you download a file from a website, DPI can be used to access the packets of information that you are exchanging. If the file is from a secure website, then DPI would show if the data you are sending and receiving is HTTPS traffic. If it’s an email you are sending, DPI would check that its either SMTP, POP3, or IMAP traffic you’re sending.

If a body wants to target VPN traffic, all they have to do is identify its signature using DPI, and from there they can slow it down, re-route the traffic, or even block it altogether. DPI is inexpensive but effective, and so many organizations can use it to monitor their networks for outside or unwanted traffic.

DPI VPN Makes Your VPN Vanish Sometimes


When using a DPI VPN, it alters the VPN signature of your internet traffic into s regular kind of traffic signature. This doesn’t mean that it takes away your security and encryption, it just disguises it. So if someone uses DPI on it, what they would see is regular internet data.

One technology that makes this possible is Obfsproxy. It was originally intended to work with Tor but can be used alone to change internet traffic signatures and make them appear like normally unencrypted traffic that DPI doesn’t block. It works by altering a good number of identifiable traffic features like packet size, or their order by adding or removing data contained in a packet through padding or trimming it into less recognizable forms.

How to Know When to Use DPI VPN


You would only need to make use of DPI VPN if you live in a place with very strict internet rules. DPI VPN is useful for those living in places like China with a great firewall that blocks out access to foreign sites. The firewalls make use of DPI to block encrypted traffic from a VPN so that no one can bypass government placed restrictions.

DPI isn’t used by the government alone as many airports also utilize it on their Wi-Fi, and universities use it to block down all traffic that slows down then school’s internet. So the best time to use DPI VPN is when you can’t have access to sites that have been blocked by a firewall.

Why You Should Unblock Sites with Firewall Restrictions Using LimeVPN


Using LimeVPN can give you access to otherwise blocked sites when you are in countries like China due to their firewall. You can get content from home in your language, and in your currency too as it keeps you protected all the while.

You can also bypass the throttling of content by internet service providers that slow down downloads and streaming speeds. This way you can watch your favorite shows and movies in HD without buffering. The firewall won’t matter as the only thing the internet service provider would see is unidentified encrypted data.

All websites and social media platforms would be available to you as if the firewall doesn’t exist, and you can reach out to friends, view their stories, and check out pictures and video uploads to keep up with recent events.



With DPI, even a VPN won’t help you if there is a firewall to block such traffic, as the unique signatures would be recognized and blocked. So to continue having access to your favorite websites even though such firewalls exist, you need a DPI VPN. LimeVPN is an example of a DPI VPN and it offers you great service at a small cost. so no matter where you are, or what their internet policies are, you will remain protected, have fast internet speeds, and access any sites you like.