How to save money using a VPN service?

save money on Flight tickets

We are all well aware of the security benefits that VPN offers. However, many users of VPN have no idea of this money-saving feature.

Table of Content

1. Use VPN to buy cheaper flights

2. Use VPN for cheaper rental cars

3. Save on monthly software subscriptions

4. Watch time-restricted and geo-restricted content

So, how can a VPN really save your money? Well, did you know that there are websites that change prices of their products for different countries? For example, a keyboard may cost $25 in the US while it will cost $23 in Australia. Yes, it is almost an insignificant difference, but what about things that cost more? Let’s take a look at what are the most popular ways to use VPN in order to save money.

Use VPN to buy cheaper flights

Airplane ticket prices often vary and several factors affect their price. For example, if you go to an airline company to buy a ticket for the first time and you decide not to buy ticket, their price will go up next time.

Why does this happen?There are algorithms that have the „I’ll regret later“ mentality and which often increase price of the tickets for returning visitors.

The second, more important factor, is the country factor. Just as keyboard prices are different, so are plane tickets. In fact, let’s take, for example a flight from New York to Sydney. LimeVPN team took time to do a little research and the results are amazing. They show basically that the ticket is most expensive in the US, and the least expensive in the European Union, the difference being as much as $50. Take a look.

Cost in USD 962

India – INR 63,107 =USD 931.95

Japan – JPY 101,587 = USD 939.65

European Union – EUR 846 = USD 912.37

Singapore – SGD 1335 = USD 946.00

Sweden – SEK 8592 = USD 944.11

United Kingdom – GBP 741 = USD 925.81

Hong Kong – HKD 7183 = USD 925.98

Why are those prices different? Well, some countries are richer than others and their citizens are expected to pay more for the plane ticket.

VPN solves that in a very easy way. Simply choose an IP address from a country that offers the cheapest ticket, clear your cookies and proceed to the destination website. Now, you are an anonymous user registered as a citizen from different country and cheaper tickets are offered.

Use VPN for cheaper rental cars

There are two ways which can help you save money on car rentals. The first method is the same as the method for plane tickets. You need to check out which country has the best price for renting a car from a big car rental company. Afterwards, you need to use a VPN in order to change your location, thus managing to rent a car for a significantly smaller amount of money.

The second way to save money here is to simply go for less famous car rental companies as they are much cheaper than the big ones.

Save on monthly software subscriptions

We are often subscribed to several services and pieces of software at once. What you do not know is that someone is paying that subscription much less than you. Once again, the main factor that contributes to this is the distribution of wealth among countries. For software companies, it is more profitable to offer their software to a poor country for a small monthly subscription than not to offer it at all.

Therefore, if you use software by Microsoft, for example, see how their software is priced in other countries. The rest of the story is familiar – choose a VPN provider and IP from that country and you will save a lot of money.

Watch time-restricted and geo-restricted content

There is also the possibility that content providers may restrict something for a certain period of time and some countries may be able to watch content while others may not. For example, a football match may not be streamed in your country on a certain channel because other channel bought the rights for transmission. However, this is yet another thing that you can avoid by simply choosing an IP address of that country and unblock restricted sports content and continue watching the game as much as you want.

To sum up, using a VPN only for the sake of security and anonymity is always a good idea, but why stop there? Technology moves forward and geo-targeting and geo-restrictions are very common, especially on the websites that sell airplane tickets and car rental websites. In order to get the best out of shopping these things online and watching content online, you need to at least have a notion of the possibilities that a Virtual Private Network provides.