How to save $$$ with Limevpn when booking flights and hotels?

save with limevpn while booking flights and tickets

It doesn’t matter what purpose you are travelling for, either for pleasure or business. Looking for flight price that won’t really cost us much is our challenge. Surfing through many different travel comparison prices websites just to find a perfect price can really be a bit challenging and the most difficult aspect of it all is that prices keep changing. One of the reasons why travellers can’t possibly make up a good flight prices choice is that different tracking platforms always track your location and give you prices charges depending on where you are browsing from and the particular area you are located for the demand rate.

Flight comparison websites track your location using the following:

booking flights and hotels

Cookies:  Your browsing history is always tracked and stored by Cookies.  When you query search engines for a particular search item many times, The price of the item is increased and in this case is the price of the flights.

IP Address: IP address, best known as Internet protocol, is potentially one of the cheapest ways travel site easily know your location and gives you comparison flight prices as stated.

Mobile tracking: On our mobile device there is a GPS feature which can indicate our location, like our smartphone or tablet. Whenever you are surfing travelling sites from your mobile device you will likely see different prices based on your location.

HTML5 code: When using a personal computer HTML5 CODE helps to detect location when browsing through websites.

Wi-Fi: Whenever you allow websites when using Wifi, they can easily access your location.

The travel comparison site examines your location, the currency you will make payment with, the time of sales, check out, and other determining factors when reciting air is popular among customers in various countries using various currencies to see various prices for the same airline, journey destination, and date of travelling. Hence looking forward to saving money when you tend to book air tickets without much wasting time surfing through the various sites for the best deal, your best way is to easily hide your location and your browsing history using a VPN service such as LimeVPN.

Some useful tips on how to use a LimeVPN to save money on flight tickets and hotel booking.

save money on flight tickets and hotel booking

Browse from a lower income country

Lower income country can be accessed through your IP address using LimeVPN to set it and you will watch how price differs. For instance, when you set your IP address to India server while checking, you will see how prices differ than if you were actually booking the same flight from United States of America.

It is assumed that the month of August has the highest rate for travellers, we consider to lookout flight from New York JFK Airport to Italy Naples Airport with a departure date set for August 14 and a return date of August 21.

The outcome of the IP address set to India

The outcome of the IP address set to India

Changing the IP address as though we were browsing from the United State of America, the prices we got were notably different.

Changing the IP address as though we were browsing from the United State of America, the prices we got were notably different.

The difference in price is $849 -$777 = $72.

Despite the timing and the airlines are alike, the prices differ .although it not going to save you a lot of dollars, but the same dollar could be used for another thing like buying memento or having a nice dinner at a restaurant. If you are flying on a budget, changing your location to lower in income country can make a lot of big difference.

Change your IP to the airline’s country

Alternatively, you could try to alter your IP to the country where the airline is located. Therefore; we are travelling using Brussels Airlines, located in Belgium. Thus changing to a Belgian IP address for the same travel will imply different price tag.

The IP address set from Belgium:

The IP address set from Belgium:

The IP address set from the USA:

The IP address set from the USA:

The difference in the price is $849-$782= $67

In this case, there was $67 save in the flight again, It is not a lot of money, but these little tokens save can go a long way to salvage some pressing need in the course of the journey.In the long run, changing your IP address to the airline country could really save us a lot of money.

Other ways of saving money on air Tickets

Delete your browsing history

As stated at the beginning of this write-up, travel platforms are able to track your location and your surfing behaviour depending on browser cookies and alter prices movement adequately. deleting your cookies and browsing data could help a long way in prices reset, making you see the real flight tickets. Although, it is not surely guaranteed that you will actually be able to pin down cheaper prices using VPN browsing anonymously. Most travellers often prefer surfing the international version of a travel site, for example, ca for Canada or for Britain easily let you recognize various price recite for air tickets, so luckily for you spotting a good deal could be struck.

Search Prices by Date Using Google Flights

Search Prices by Date Using Google Flights

Google flights provide various cheerful budgets for conscious traveller .One of these cheerful is the capability to select prices depending on dates. knowing your destination also requires you to select a specific date for your find the cheapest day to fly by listing the price in each day,  Google flight can easily help you .This tools can be very helpful if your travel dates are easily accessible.

Select Your Travel Days and Time Carefully

The founder of airline ticket comparison site, Rick Seaney stated that booking air tickets for trans-Atlantic flights from Mondays to Thursday can actually save you 5% less on the cost than flying through Friday to Sunday. At 3pm on Tuesday is best known for travellers to actually get the highest number of cheap seats, but it’s only available just three days before been exhausted by travellers. How does this work? On Monday afternoons, the fare sales department at airlines makeup sales for the week and actually distribute these sales on their personal website and to travel websites like Rivalry airlines easily see these sales on Tuesday morning and quickly make up their own fares so that the concluded prices are accessible by 3 p.m EST. Furthermore, you could make huge savings flying off-peak between 5am and 7am or make a booking flight after 8 p.m

Mix and Match Flights

Having all the time and still conscious about saving money, you can determine checking out flight choices for instance, you could pick for a flight with a break in a journey these are far way cheaper irrespective of your journey. More so, you could make significant savings by flying to and fro from different airports or with different airlines.

If you are thinking that using LimeVPN to book flights are illegal, be rest assured that travel websites and airlines do not have an issue with this. These websites always makeup different prices for customers in various geographical locations, and surfing the internet anonymously using LimeVPN can go a long way to help you maximize good significant returns.