How to set up a personal VPN ?

Protect with VPN

What cross your mind when you think of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)? Most of us think of it being used by big institutions and corporations to provide employees with a more secure access to corporate network and its resources. But this is not the case anymore; they are not meant for big corporations like before. Individuals can also take advantage of security features and protocols that are offered by VPNs.


Your personal VPN server is the best way to have the highest level of protection and connection speed. Moreover, in case of a government censorship, no one will be able to know that you are using a personal VPN service to bypass the internet censorship.


Personal VPN is that type of encrypted VPN connection that is meant for personal use rather than corporate use. It is specifically designed to protect home devices or home office when connected to the internet.



Why do you need a Personal VPN service now?


Hackers are the biggest reason one would like to setup a personal VPN service. A personal VPN service will provide a roadblock for hackers as well as the third party who are trying to gain confidential information from your computer.


May be you are asking yourself what a roadblock is? A roadblock can be defined more of a tunnel with strong walls of encryption to protect your data from being accessed by traffic entering and leaving your machine. With this tunnel put in place, hackers are left with no chance whatsoever to have your information in their hands. Also, internet service provider and websites will also have no clue about you when surfing the internet.

A personal VPN is like a bridge connecting two islands; your computer and VPN servers. This help to tighten privacy and security of the data being transmitted over the tunnel such that it is unreadable to the internet community.


VPN uses tunnelling mechanism to create a private network for remote users across the internet. Tunnelling is, therefore, a network technology involving the process of encapsulation. In this process, a continuous series of packets are created by having each data file broken down, and the created packet is placed within another outer packet ready to be sent and received between computers and servers.


VPN technology provides us with a tunnel management’s protocol that enables to create and maintain a tunnel which facilitates the transfer of data. The servers and computers available at both ends of the tunnel usually facilitate encapsulation process and reopening of incoming and outgoing packets respectively. Therefore, we have all the reasons to smile.


There are numerous benefits of having a personal VPN ranging from encrypted connections to accessing internet content without geographical restrictions, internet insecurity or improper anonymous browsing. Let’s look into details some of these benefits:


  1.      Anonymous browsing

One of the best provisions of a personal VPN service is browsing anonymously. As long as you have a VPN, the VPN server will always connect you to the internet with all of your data protected. With this great feature, you can visit many websites as you wish to because they don’t see your real IP address.  They only see the IP address of the proxy server when connected.

Most of VPN service providers allow you to keep switching IP address obtained from proxy servers multiple times a month automatically. But this doesn’t give you a free ticket to commit cybercrimes.


  1.      Preventions of eavesdropping

Hackers usually find it easy to steal credentials of victims who are connected to the internet via public wi-fi hotspot. May be you have been in a coffee shop and seen a smart dressed looking guy with a laptop sitting in one of the coffee serving tables as if he is a regular customer. Many of these guys usually have unique software that eavesdrops on anyone connected to the wi-fi hotspot. They take advantage of hotspot lacking wireless encryption and it’s easier for them to hack your connection and see your online activities.

Personal VPN allows you to encrypt your traffic while surfing the internet in any place you carry your smartphone such that your credentials are encrypted and kept private even when connected to a public wi-fi hotspot.


  1.      Helps in accessing home network when abroad

Some of your home websites are usually blocked due to a country licensing agreements. When you travel abroad, you often find websites that are based in your country cannot be accessed. Mainly because of your home country has the filtered geographical location you are at or the IP address that you are using.


With the use of a personal VPN, it will give you IP address exactly like of your home country. The websites you wish to visit will see that you are actually in the country. You can enjoy any content you want from any home website.



How to obtain and install a personal VPN account?


  1.      Choose a service provider

There are so many VPN providers in the market, but it will only require the services of one provider. For instance, LimeVPN is a well-known VPN provider. You should consider those factors that bring forth an excellent connection.


Such factors include:

  • ü  Security- Choose the providers that give high-security protocols to protect your data from being hacked especially when connected to a public wi-fi hotspot.
  • ü  Pricing– A good VPN service provider will give anonymous and safe connections at an affordable price.
  • ü  Flexibility- Choose the providers with VPN servers set across the globe such that you can nearly connect to all networks in different countries.
  • ü  Reliability– Choose VPNs providing similar quality of connection to its users accompanied with high reliable standards for every user while at the same time handling simultaneous and multiple connections.


  1.      Install the service provider VPN software

After choosing the client, the next step is to have the software installed on your computer. With the software installed, you can now setup configuration setting. Some of the service providers will allow you to install their software in VPN capable wireless router. Wireless router installation provides the best solution while connected at our home because it saves space for our computers and hand devices. Besides saving some space, it is not necessary to configure devices since they will be running through a VPN.


With these two simple steps, you will have your personal VPN in place. You can enjoy all the benefits that come along with it, and above all privacy and encryption of your personal data.



The best personal VPN provider in the market

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To enjoy the above-discussed benefits of having a secure and anonymous internet connection, there is a need to enroll for the best VPN service of its kind. There are various service providers in the market. Thus it requires a lot of research to get the best. To make your work easier, I recommend you to enroll for LimeVPN monthly subscription.


LimeVPN is a top-rated provider regarding hiding your real IP address and protecting your identity online. LimeVPN allows you to get connected from remote areas to servers located in different parts of the globe. It provides you with IP address resembling any chosen location to facilitate anonymous browsing.


Given the continued increasing need to protect personal data being transmitted over the internet, LimeVPN has totally bridged this gap. Their VPNs provide mobile phone and computer with reliable connections that are encrypted and safe for data transmission.