How to set up a VPN on Chromecast

how to setup VPN on chromecast

What is Chromecast & How to configure VPN on Chromecast

Chromecast developed by Google is a very small media streaming device that helps us enjoy online video and music in a simple way. It turns your HDTV into a Smart TV. The streaming requires a HDMI dongle that connects directly to the output of the TV using an Android device. This requires a Wi-Fi connection and the device ( Android device, i-pad or your laptop ) paired with Chromecast can be used as a remote to switch between channels. The process involved is quite easy.

  1. Install the app on the android device
  2. Plug in Chromecast to the television
  3. Check the Wi-Fi connection and pair it
  4. View your Favourite channels

Why to set up VPN on Chromecast

Since Chromecast doesn’t have its own built-in VPN functionality, it is important to set up a VPN so as to watch unrestricted channels on various devices including Chromecast. It also allows you to change your IP address and unblock channels that are unavailable in your country. For instance, you can watch American Netflix via Chromecast from outside the U.S. and the VPN will automatically hide your identity & allows you to access US Netflix media content. It encrypts your data, protects you from hackers and also encodes the internet traffic. But, to make these things work, Chromecast certainly needs VPN support.

How to setup a VPN on Chromecast

There are three ways to set up a VPN; using VPN enabled router, setting up VPN on your home router and connecting your Chromecast to VPN enabled Hotspot. Let’s check out one by one in detail.

  1. Using a VPN enabled router

This method is quite simple and there is no step to step process involved. You need to just buy a VPN enabled router and connect it to Chromecast.

  1. Setting up VPN on your home router:

In order to set up a VPN on the home router, you need to first go through two important guides which include

Once it is done, Run the Chromecast set up and select the router you name when you see the message “Connect Chromecast to Wi-Fi” on the screen and sign in with your password details. Once you are signed in, you can use Chromecast using LimeVPN.

  1. Connecting Chromecast to VPN enabled Hotspot:

To connect your Chromecast to a VPN enabled hotspot, you need to firstly connect your device ( i.e your laptop) with limeVPN. This helps you create your own Wi-Fi hotspot with your connected device playing the role of a virtual VPN enabled router. One important thing to be noted while creating a new hotspot is that both the Chromecast and the device you are using for this purpose should be connected to the same LimeVPN server. This process not only enables you to connect your Chromecast to the newly created Wi-Fi hotspot but at the same time makes the connection between Chromecast, your device & VPN much stronger.

So let’s Sign up for LimeVPN; create your own VPN hotspot; set up VPN on your chromecast and browse anything from across the world without the fear of being caught.

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