How to setup a secure wireless router -Quick & Easy Steps

secure your wireless router

Having a secure router configuration is the first and the most important thing to do if you plan to protect yourself and your network from hackers. A great number of people are not really aware that even the best Wi-Fi routers need to be properly set in order to achieve maximum protection. Furthermore, this awareness of security is really low due to the fact that people think that an antivirus by itself is enough. Let’s see how to set up a secure wireless router and what steps need to be taken to maximize the protection

Check your Wi-Fi Protected Access

The first thing that I did in order to secure my router connection is make sure that WPA2 is activated. This is an important step to do because the encryption is active after that and your level of security will increase. So what exactly is WPA2? Well, it is a security protocol which was made by the Wi-Fi Alliance, an organization which works on popularizing Wi-Fi as a network. The Alliance made this system after receiving critiques about the weak system of defense of Wi-Fi.

Make sure to use a unique SSID Network Name

If your router is, for example, D-Link, then it is very likely that the default SSID network name will incorporate the name of the router. Default name simply calls for hackers because they use tools such as Rainbow table which finds routers with default network name and makes it easy for hackers to hack into your wifi network. Therefore, the next time you ask yourself „How do I secure my wireless network?“ remember that the SSID name change is the second most important thing to do.

Make the best password ever – get creative

strong passwords for router protection

The chance that the hackers will get bored by trying to crack your password and give up is greater if you think of such password. Do not hesitate to experiment, but also do not forget to remember it or else you will also fall into your own trap. In other words, securing wireless network with a password which is long and includes both numerals and letters is a very important step towards achieving maximum security.

Make sure that UPnP is turned off

UPnP – the universal plug and play protocol is used by some routers to make a better connection with the devices which are physically close to the router. However, it is not necessary to keep UPnP turned on since it can just expose your network to hackers and you will fail in securing your wireless network successfully.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a must!

The first thing that a VPN will do with your router is providing the anonymity of your location which will make hacker unable to find you and your network. The second thing is the the firewall of its own that a Virtual Private Network has which will protect your network traffic from all the evils lurking out there. Sure, it does require you to spend a few dollars more each month, but the level of security that a VPN offers is promising.

Login Feature should be enabled

Most of the routers have this logging feature which will detect and save all the IP addresses which try to log in to your Wi-Fi. This will make it easier for you to see whether someone is trying to steal your data or simply harm your network. This is also a very important step in securing your wireless network.

Try one of the many security services

There are many security services which will, for a certain amount of money, grant you security. For example OpenDNS is a security service which is cloud-based and you can start using it after you configure your router to the settings that this service has. So how will this help you? Well it both monitors and encrypts the traffic that passes through your router. This means that you get a sort of a double protection. Apart from VPN, this is the second most convenient way to secure yourself and your router.

Turn on the firewall on router

One of the best wireless security settings that you could do is activate the firewall that already exists within a router. It is a very simple procedure but not very convenient as well because hackers think that this firewall is just a joke. However, newer routers come with better firewalls.

Use a Router Firmware  (DD-WRT or Tomato is your choice)

Give a boost to your Wifi security by installing an Open Source Router firmware. It is important to use a firmware that keeps updating & provides advanced security  setup features to its user. Tomato & DD-WRT firmware remain popular ever in this case.

To sum up, the next time you ask yourself „how do I secure my wireless router?“ make sure that you have reviewed most of these options and that you understand how they work. According to the majority of users, the best protection is, of course, a Virtual Private Network because it functions on several levels and it is practically impenetrable and you get to experience some other features as well, such as anonymity.

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