How to Setup a VPN on X box 360

set up vpn in xbox

Xbox is one of the two most popular gaming consoles in the world. You can now access multimedia libraries and streaming because of Xbox Live. Setting up a VPN on Xbox adds security & lets you circumvent censorship and access content from various gaming servers and websites of your choice.

What you need to set up your VPN on Xbox 360.

You need to get the following information from your VPN provider.

  • Server IP addresses;
  • VPN account, username and password;
  • destination name;

LimeVPN does support VPN connection on X Box 360. Go ahead & follow the instructions to set up LimeVPN  on your X Box .

Configuring your VPN on X Box 360

Phase 1- Establishing a VPN Connection on Your Computer

  • Click Start and access the Control Panel
  • Click on Network and Sharing Center
  • Then select Set up a new connection or network


  • Go ahead and select Connect to a workplace and then click Next
  • Select the following: Use my Internet Connection (VPN) and select Next

type in the internet address

  • Fill in the Internet address & Destination Name provided by your VPN Service respectively and click Create
  • Then again fill in your LimeVPN Username & Password and click on Connect

create vpn connection

connecting to vpn

Phase II: Connecting your VPN to Xbox 360

There are two ways to set up VPN connection on X box 360.

  1. Share LimeVPN connection of your PC
  2. Set up LimeVPN connection on your Router.

1) Sharing VPN Connection with Xbox 360

  • Connect your Xbox to your PC using Ethernet Cable.
  • In your Xbox Menu, click Settings then select System Settings followed by Network Settings in order to ensure that the DNS and IP settings are automatic.
  • Go ahead and set Data Encryption to optional and let the VPN provider handle the data encryption.
  • Click Allow these protocols under Authentication. Then activate CHAP and Microsoft CHAP v2.
  • Go ahead and access the Network and Sharing Center and select Change Adapter Setting.
  • Access your VPN Connection link and Right Click on it and then select Properties.
  • Then click on the following link Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.
  • Access the Home Network Connection link and select Local Area Connection and then go ahead and click OK.
  • Once you are done with the aforementioned guidelines, restart your PC and Xbox.
  • Now you can successfully connect your Xbox 360 through your PC’s VPN.

2) Configuring a VPN Router for Xbox 360

The most stress-free way of setting your Xbox VPN through a router is by engaging a pre-configured router. However, you can configure your own router, since it only takes a few steps. The most commended router is the DD-WRT. This router is convenient because it is easy to configure and there is a lot of information about it online.

To configure a VPN router for Xbox, you need to do the following:

  • Access Start Menu and click on the Control Panel.
  • Install your VPN router in order to gain access to the VPN router Control Panel.
  • From the router Control Panel, you should be able to access System Information.
  • In the VPN Router Control Panel, click Access Setup followed by Basic Setup.
  • Go ahead and fill in the information provided to you by your VPN provider, such as LimeVPN. The information that you will be prompted to provide include: subnet masks, local IP, domain and host.
  • Then select the Connection Type and select/deselect DHCP as directed by your VPN provider.
  • Input your Username and Password – then select Apply Settings followed by
  • Access the Status tab and click on Wan followed by Connect.
  • You are done, now your Xbox is connected through VPN via the router.

Why using a VPN on Xbox 360 is good for you?

  • A VPN allows you to change the country of origin, so that you can select the country of your choice & enjoy multi-player games where you get a chance to play with players of different countries.
  • You can easily use a VPN service provider such as LimeVPN & connect to Xbox live to access geo-restricted content & channels like BBC iPlayer and Netflix.
  • Connecting your Xbox through a VPN does help to safeguard you from distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS). DDoS attacks are normally used to eradicate competition unfairly.
  • Generally, VPN connection allows you to bypass censorship for all websites regardless of your location. In addition, you will experience less latency while playing services and games.


Always consider buying a VPN service for your Xbox, especially if you are an avid & anonymity minded user. In case if you have fallen victim of the hideous activities of hackers and snoopers. Then, you should not hesitate to connect your Xbox through a VPN.

Apart from the maximum security you will get while improving your Xbox experience, you will be able to do the following: watch streaming sites, reduce lag and protect yourself from DDoS attacks. Xbox provides you with lots of features, which makes Xbox the most popular gaming consoles. A VPN such as LimeVPN will ensure that you experience high streaming speeds. LimeVPN will ensure that your gaming experience is not tampered with because of lagging. With that said, you can only get the best Xbox VPN connection if you Sign up for LimeVPN.    

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