How to setup a VPN service?

setuping VPN

Why VPN is important for you to use

Every computer user should know who to use a virtual private network (VPN) as it is one of the most essential ability for you in order to defend your internet privacy. VPN is a service for which you have to pay so as to your web browser will be secured over WI-FI hotspots which are public. Also regional restrictions for music and video streaming can be got over and you can avoid restrictions made by the government but it does not mean an easy trick to do. You can imagine VPN is like a tunnel which is secured between your device and the destination on the internet you are about to visit. On connecting your device to a VPN server you can be located in your country say France, United States, United Kingdom or even in Japan. Then the traffic of your web passes forth and back through that VPN server. What you get as a result is you are not browsing from the location of your device but from that server’ geographical location. Now let’s go on seeing what happens next in that secured tunnel: your web becomes very difficult to be spied upon and your activity, data and web are in safe. You and the VPN provider will be the only ones who will know where you are and what the website is you are visiting. In other words your location is only a virtual one.

Being on public WI-FI connection at a confectionery, railway station or airport means the hackers can redirect your device or steal your login credentials but with using VPN they need tough work to do that. You must know that not only do hackers try to spy us but even your internet service provider (ISP), too. Therefore even our ISP will have difficulties in figuring out which website you are surfing at that time. Otherwise you can gain other benefits of hiding our real location: for example you are in Australia but the VPN server is in the United Kingdom you will seem to be browsing from there and not from Australia, and as a result you can have access for the most websites that are regionally restricted such as iPlayer of BBC etc. So when travelling you can use US Netflix even if you are not in the US also you are enabled to access your network at home or any other servers at any time, from anywhere.

VPN Solution for your Business (5)

LimeVPN has undoubtedly lots of advantages but one of the main and most important ones are that LimeVPN writes all the VPN software of our own, we manage our own network we possess all the necessary hardware to offer the best service to you and as a result we can provide you the fastest and premium VPN speeds all over the world. The other remarkable advantage of LimeVPN that no matter where you are throughout the whole world there are our VPN servers can be found in order to cover the fastest speeds and the lowest latency for you.

How to setup a VPN – connect to a VPN service with a very easy but the best way with LimeVPN

First of all the upload speed of you internet connection is a factor. You need to be sure if you have the necessary upload bandwidth. If it you are provided with the needful bandwidth you can start the setup with our easy-to use VPN service for all your devices for example: Windows PC, iPhone, Mac in order to know them in safe.

The first step is to get a router which has capabilities for VPN – it isn’t worth trying to do it by yourself as you can buy a pre-built one. Nowadays routers come out with built-in VPN servers you just need a wireless one about which it is advertised to possess a server. Then the web interface of you router can be used to activate and configure the VPN server, but you really need some research work and buy the appropriate router that supports that VPN type you intend to use. If you can’t sort out which is the best one we can provide you several solutions.

There are routers supporting DD-WRT or firmware that supports other third-party, these firmwares are new operating systems which can be flashed onto your router instead of the old system you have used so far.  As a matter of fact DD-WRT is rather a popular system so you won’t regret getting one. DD-WRT and routers like this basically have built-in VPN server support therefore you are sure to be able to use it but you need to ascertain you have chosen a supported router.

You can use VPN on only one of your devices but you may want to use on a device which is always on – and not a PC which you turn off when you set out for somewhere, like mobiles, tablets, or notebooks. If you possess and use a device which is continually on you can install OpenVPN or servers which are very similar to it – you can get our help in this field too. These servers are available and compatible from Windows, Linux, or Mac too. Your computer will run the server software the only thing you will have to do is to connect the adequate ports from the router. Although Windows generally offers a built-in opportunity to host VPNs, we do recommend using ours because we can provide you more security and if you make some mistakes you can’t gain that security level that you wanted to. As our experts have been working on all the software for a long time and we have managed to develop the best ones at the highest speeds it is highly recommended to use our software to keep your devices and you privacy in safe. We can provide you with every necessary tools so that you won’t have to worry about your security.

First and last we provide you the best and fastest solution in the world and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate but to contact with us via email or phone as our experts will sort out the greatest choices.

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