How to speed up internet on your device?

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We have seen a lot of people using VPN for gaming or other online entertainment activities like media streaming and we always come across one doubt, will VPN speed up our internet connection? Let us explain it in simpler terms.

You might have always observed that you will not be able to get the complete bandwidth/speed what an ISP promises you, this is due to the throttling they have implemented on the network, you should note that throttling is normally implemented on certain websites or online content which takes a lot of bandwidth, of which gaming and video streaming are surely two aspects.

ISPs implement bandwidth throttling to make you go for a higher subscription. Do not confuse bandwidth throttling with speed of your connection. They are completely different aspects.

When you are using the connection directly, due to the restrictions in bandwidth you will have a poor connection but this is not related to speed. Using a VPN you can bypass or in simple words end the throttling set by your ISP. This will improve your internet speed but will certainly not increase it. So it is easy to say that a VPN can be the solution you are looking for.

When you access any websites that loads graphic or live content that actually needs a lot of bandwidth, you will notice a drop in the speed or a lot of loading time/buffering time, this is because of the throttling set by the ISP.

You can take a simple test, try loading simple websites, or social media platforms and then try to access a website that takes too much bandwidth, let us consider it to be a media/video streaming platform. If you notice a drop in connection or reduced speed which is due to the bandwidth throttling set by your ISP.

Yes, it certainly can solve the bandwidth issue, but this is not to be confused with speed. Know how ? ISPs track your internet usage i.e the websites you access and then implement bandwidth throttling on your connection. Using a VPN, your connection will be private, to be precise your connection will be encrypted through a secure channel leaving no traces about what you have browsed without which ISP will not be able to implement throttling. If this is what you are actually looking for then VPN is the solution.

Here we are at the most important and most asked question in VPN.

And the answer is Yes, VPN reduces the internet speed. There are several reasons which causes a VPN to slow down your connection and here are the most important ones which you should not miss as to why this happens!

Heavy Usage on a specific server :

While trying to connect to different servers, you might have always noticed that you are facing speed issues with one server, this has nothing to do with the technicalities, but because of the number of users been connected to the same server which has gradually become slow due to the load.

The best solution is to switch servers in the same location and try if you still have the same problem.

Latency :

Latency plays an important role in networks, Whether it be a VPN or any other network. You might have always noticed that you are experiencing less speed with a server in the west, whereas your connection is as good as your normal internet speed when connected to a server nearby. This is due to the high ping time when servers are far away from the location you are connecting to.

With LimeVPN, you will never face any such issues as we have high speed and secure servers from 20 locations.

Encryption on Servers :

Slowing down speed due to encryption sounds strange, but it is true. Consider using a very old computer or a smartphone running on a old version of OS and connect to VPN, you will definitely have a bad experience with connections.

However, we have never received any complaints regarding this issue yet, LimeVPN uses a 256-bit military grade encryption on its servers.

As we now know the basics of VPN connections and how it is, you should also know that connecting to a VPN reduces the speed by a small amount, this seems to be reasonable with high speed connections, But if you are on a very slow connection, you will have to upgrade for better speed. This is highly recommended as using VPN with slow connections often leads to a huge rate in connection drops and thus you will not be able to make the most of your VPN connection.

Conclusion :

Now that you have learnt and understood all the basics of a VPN server, you should take into consideration every suggestion given. Be it with the connection or the website you are accessing. Sign up with us and make the most of it.

Do write to our 24/7 support team if you have any queries.