How to stream the 2018 American Music Awards?

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Music fans out there can hardly wait for the largest fan-voted awards show in the music industry. And it looks like avid music enthusiasts will still need to wait a few more months because the American Music Awards 2018 is scheduled to be aired on October 9, 2018.

Yes, a date has already been set so all you keen viewers have to do is sit back, relax and wait. What is a few months of waiting period compared to the spectacular and breathtaking performances that will surely explode on the American Music Awards stage?

By the way, this year’s show has an earlier schedule than the previous years, so the wait is not really that long.

Last year’s AMA award was aired on November 19, 2017, and it was absolutely explosive.  Who can ever forget the outstanding performances of BTS, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, Marshmello, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, Nick Jonas, and Lady Gaga among others?

So expect the American music awards this year to equal and even outperform the live show at the 2017 American Music Awards. Each year of the awards show is taken to another, more fantastic level by the show’s creators and also by the performers themselves.

Most fans look forward to the performances as much as they look forward to the awarding of winners.

And by the way, do you know how you can stream the 2018 American Music Awards? Read on to find out.

How to Watch the 2018 American Music Awards?

how to watch American Music Awards

The American Music Awards is a show created by the American Broadcasting Company in 1973. Thus, for the past forty-five (45) years, the AMA has been aired through the ABC network. And the show this year is not at all different. You can watch the American Music Awards live on ABC and on digital platforms that the network has opened to.

So for fans of the show in particular and the music industry in general, you can watch the American musical show live on ABC. Well, that’s if you are physically in the United States.

Even access to digital platforms where the award show can be viewed are limited to viewers within the country. It’s a bummer. So what if you are not in the US?

You can still watch the American Music Awards live anywhere by using a VPN or a virtual private network.

A VPN works by giving you access to servers that are located in the United States before finally connecting to ABC’s server. Since you are connected to a US server, you will also have a US IP address.

This US IP address will tell ABC’s server that you are physically located in the United States, and not from any other country. And just like that, you can watch the American Music Awards live stream.

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About the American Music Awards

Did you know that your favorite annual music awards show was initially created to compete with the Grammys (probably another favorite music awards show of yours)?

ABC held the rights to air the inaugural show of the Grammy Awards in 1971 and 1972. In 1973, however, the show moved to CBS for some reason. This prompted Dick Clark to create the broadcasting network’s very own music awards show, bringing about the American Music Awards.

The selection process of the AMA though is much different from that of the Grammys. The Grammy winners are chosen based on votes from the  Recording Academy.

The AMA winners, on the other hand, are determined by voting by the public through the show’s very own website.

American Music Awards Categories

American Music Awards Categories

The current award categories of the American Music Awards are enumerated below:

  • Artist of the Year                          
  • New Artist of the Year                 
  • Collaboration of the Year           
  • Video of the Year                          
  • Tour of the Year                           
  • Top Soundtrack                            
  • Favorite Male Artist – Pop/Rock
  • Favorite Female Artist – Pop/Rock    
  • Favorite Duo or Group – Pop/Rock    
  • Favorite Album – Pop/Rock      
  • Favorite Song – Pop/Rock         
  • Favorite Male Artist – Soul/R&B
  • Favorite Female Artist – Soul/R&B     
  • Favorite Album – Soul/R&B      
  • Favorite Song – Soul/R&B          
  • Favorite Male Artist – Country
  • Favorite Female Artist – Country
  • Favorite Duo or Group – Country
  • Favorite Album – Country         
  • Favorite Song – Country             
  • Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip-Hop  
  • Favorite Album – Rap/Hip-Hop
  • Favorite Song – Rap/Hip-Hop   
  • Favorite Artist – Adult Contemporary  
  • Favorite Artist – Alternative     
  • Favorite Artist – Latin
  • Favorite Artist – Contemporary Inspirational
  • Favorite Artist – Electronic Dance Music

There could be new award categories added in the coming years, and there may also be categories that will be removed. The creators of the show meet together to discuss what award categories are to be given for that specific year.

The Bottom Line

Created to compete with the equally popular and anticipated annual Grammy awards, the American Music Awards has become an institute of its own since it was conceptualized in 1973.

The creation of the American Music Awards only means one thing for music fans. It means that we are given another show to look forward to on an annual basis!

The unique aspect of the AMA, however, is that fans are given a say as to who wins and who doesn’t. Vote for your favorite music artists and songs online through the American Music Awards website.

Do not forget that this year’s AMA is set to an earlier date – October 9th – as opposed to a mid-November schedule. And also, do not forget that you can watch your favorite music awards show online, anywhere.

Yes, you can watch the American Music Awards 2018 live anywhere with the use of a VPN. Geographical restrictions will not matter anymore once you subscribe to the VPN service.

You also don’t need to rely on replays and highlights that come way after the show. And you definitely don’t need to rely on Twitter or Facebook to know what’s going on during the AMA show because you can watch it live with a VPN.