How To Unblock Chromecast Apps Using LimeVPN


Unblocking Chromecast Apps With LimeVPN

With the use of Google’s Chromecast comes the need to unblock apps that may be restricted. This may be restrictions based on geographic area, internet provider or other criteria for content blocking. Fortunately, VPN services like LimeVPN can help you to unblock all kinds of apps. As a result, you can enjoy content from anywhere in the world and in the manner of your choice.

Invented by Google and released into the market in 2013, the Chromecast is a line of devices that allow streaming web content on normal TV screens. The Chromecast has been a hit with consumers because it allows them to see all their digital content on their largest and best screens.

Consumers can watch videos, movies, stream music, view images and slideshows, as well as interact with media residing on their mobile devices. The Chromecast is, therefore, a great way to enjoy all your favorite content on a big screen.

Using The Chromecast

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To start using the Chromecast, you connect the Chromecast dongle to your TV set. On a mobile device running a supported operating system, like Apple iOS or Android, you navigate to the app and then tap to start casting on your TV. The Chromecast is easy to use, and navigating between different pieces of content, such as video or audio, is never more than a tap or two away.

Setting Up LimeVPN For Chromecast

When it comes to addressing the content restrictions you may face when streaming your content, LimeVPN is a great solution. This VPN service is fast, easy to use, and comes in two different packages to suit your budget. If you have not used VPN services before, you might be thinking that the process is too technical or beyond you. The reality is that millions of consumers just like you are already bypassing web restrictions of every sort using the functionality of VPN services.

To get LimeVPN set up, you’ll want to go to their website, then select a VPN service package. Their basic service comes at $2.99 monthly or $1.49 a month, billed annually.

LimeVPN Basic gives you a shared speed of up to 10 Gbps, up to 2 users that can connect at the same time, and assurances of no restrictions, as well as a no logging policy. At this price point, it’s a great solution for unblocking all kinds of apps on your Chromecast.

In contrast, the LimeVPN Pro package costs $29.98 billed monthly or $14.98 a month with annual billing. With annual billing, you, therefore, get a discount of approximately 50%, which is a great saving for accessing apps and bypassing all restrictions.

LimeVPN Pro gives you the dedicated bandwidth of 1 Gbps. This ensures that you can watch your favorite shows using Chromecast at great resolutions and speed. This package also gives you a private VPN node of your own, which ensures that you do not get network timeouts because of too many connections to the VPN servers. In addition, this plan includes more than 20 concurrent connections, making it ideal for power users or families that will need multiple connections to a VPN.

With your VPN credentials from LimeVPN, you can now set up the VPN connection for your device.

LimeVPN allows connecting with Windows, Mac, Linux as well as mobile operating systems like Android and iOS as well as routers. You can check the LimeVPN website for the setup instructions depending upon your OS or router.

To connect your Chromecast through the VPN service, first configure your router to connect through LimeVPN, this way when your Chromecast connects, the traffic goes over your VPN. To connect your router to the VPN service, LimeVPN has a guide for how you can set up the router to use LimeVPN.  

You can now proceed to connect your Chromecast to your wifi connection that is running through LimeVPN.

Connecting Your Chromecast To TV And LimeVPN

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To start using LimeVPN with your Chromecast, first, make sure you have connected your Chromecast device to your TV. Tap the input selection button on your TV remote so that you can select Chromecast as the TV’s input. The first time you are doing this, you will need to set up the Chromecast device first. When you see the prompt to set up the Chromecast, you select that option.

Then, on your mobile device, you need to download the Google Home app. The Google Home app will allow you to manage your Chromecast and select content from your Chromecast-enabled apps.

To set up the Google Home app with your Chromecast, open the installed Google Home App. Accept the terms of use, then select the Chromecast device to set it up.

Google Home will connect to the Chromecast device. You then select which wifi network to use for your Chromecast. Make sure you select the same one as that used by the mobile device.

Once the Chromecast has set up successfully, you are ready to begin casting and can play videos, music and other media from your apps on your TV.

How LimeVPN Unblocks Chromecast Apps

LimeVPN and other VPN services work by creating a third party connection between your computer, mobile phone or other network device and the public internet. You send requests for web pages and other internet files to the VPN’s servers. The VPN then requests these files for you from the end websites.

To the end web sites, you are now anonymous, since all they see are the I.P. addresses of the VPN’s servers that request data on your behalf. You, on the other hand, do not need to reveal your true I.P. address, nor your location or other network data. This means that, for websites that have restrictions on certain locations, for example, you are now able to bypass such restrictions.

You can access your favorite websites as long as you are using your VPN connection, and you will thus be able to unblock apps. With your Chromecast connected to the network that is running on your mobile device or computer, you can stream content and view it on your TV.

Un-blocking Restricted Apps

Chromecast now supports thousands of apps, with new ones coming all the time. A good number of apps, however, may be restricted depending on your geographic location or other criteria. For instance, if you are in China, YouTube is blocked. With LimeVPN, you can now unblock YouTube and be able to watch all the YouTube content that you are interested in.

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There are a plethora of apps you can also unblock, like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, NBA League Pass, as well as apps for everything from movies to games and music.

Combining Chromecast With A VPN Service

Chromecast offers some of the best entertainment options combining your smartphone or computer with your large screen TV. For everything from playing games in an immersive environment, to watching shows on a large screen, Chromecast will serve you well.

When you combine Chromecast with a VPN service like LimeVPN, you are able to unblock apps. This enables you to bypass restrictions that may be in place because of your geographic location or other filtering criteria. In addition, using LimeVPN helps you keep your information and browsing data secure.