How to Unblock Restricted Content by Hiding Your Internet Identity

unblock restricted content

Table of Content

1 . Unavailable content

2. Exposed information and data theft

3. How to hide yourself by using VPN?

4. How can you access restricted content with hidden identity?

There are two main problems that each Internet user faces once he or she starts browsing it and exploring numerous websites. So what are those problems?

  1. Content is not available to them for some reason.
  2. The user is too much exposed and there is a threat of identity and private information theft.

Both of these things have been a problem on the internet for quite a while and it is a general misconception that they cannot be solved. Before we proceed to the solution of these two problems, let’s see first how they affect you and all the users.

Unavailable content

Content can be unavailable to you for numerous reasons, and one of the main things that makes it unavailable is your own IP address. How is that possible? Well, as you know, your IP address tells a lot about you, the things such as your precise location and your internet whereabouts. Therefore, if you are located in, let’s say China where most of the western social media is unavailable, you will not be able to access them as well. The great firewall of China will detect your geo-location via your IP and will say – NO! You shall not pass!

Inability to access the content that is available only in certain countries

China is an extreme example, but you surely had a problem where you wanted to watch a video and you just received “not available in your country” message. Well, that is the main thing that should come to one’s mind when someone mentions the term “unavailable content”.

To be more precise, there are websites such as ABC, CBS, Hulu, Crackle and many others that show premium content only to the citizens of US (and once again geo-blocking is the main reason for the restriction).

There is one more thing when it comes to unavailable content and that is “alternative content”. This means that, when wanting to buy something on a certain website, you will receive different prices than people who live in other places. Furthermore, you will not be able to watch all the Netflix shows if you are outside of US, but you will be presented with different program which is available only in your country and your IP.

Exposed information and data theft

Internet users nowadays are not aware of how easy someone can see who and what they are and how easy their data can be stolen. We leave virtual footsteps whenever we go and we practically left all the information about us when visiting any website. If you do not believe me, just go and read any serious website’s privacy policy. Read it carefully and you will see that, although they are not legally allowed to tell anything about you, you still give certain information as soon as you enter their website.

The website uses this information for the reasons listed above – to block content, to alternate content and the whole website which will be displayed only for you. Of course, the websites do this only to make you feel better and present their content they think is the best for you.

Despite their honest intentions, all websites need to give your information away to the authorities if they are requested, and that is yet another privacy policy thing you do not know about. In other words, to be truly protected you will need to change your IP address and have higher levels of anonymity.

How to hide yourself by using VPN?

Luckily, there is always a solution for the problems of unavailable content and data theft – a Virtual Private Network. Virtual private networks have been around for some time and people need to be more aware of all the things that they are capable of doing and how exactly they can help you with the problems mentioned earlier. You probably already know what a VPN is because you are reading this article, but in case you are hearing about the term for the first time, let’s explain it a little better.

What exactly is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is basically another network that gives you numerous benefits such as higher level of anonymity, data encryption and another IP address. By using a VPN you ensure that your internet presence, however active, is not being visible by the third party and that you will be able to access all the things on the internet that you like.

How can you access restricted content with hidden identity?

By this point, the answer is more than logical – a VPN service will give you another IP and make sure that the information about you is completely hidden. When you access a website which hides content from you, it will be enable to see your true identity and you will be given access to it. In other words, you will be given an IP address that represents you as a person from a location where the content is available, thus misleading the website’s tracking software into letting you in.

In other words, you both get to access content that you like and keep all your activities hidden if you choose to use services offered by VPN providers. Also, the web presentation from this VPN provider provides all the information that you may need for safe browsing and protection of data on the internet.

The websites that we mentioned earlier – Hulu, Amazon Instant Video or even BBC’s iPlayer which is available only in the UK will now allow you to access their content. You will certainly enjoy all the shows, movies and series that they have to offer.

To sum up, the majority of the Internet users are not even aware of the threats that may exist on the internet and how exposed they actually are with their constant browsing. In order to prevent this and in order to gain access to the content which is regularly not allowed to you, you need to use a Virtual Private Network such as LimeVPN which will do its best to protect you, encrypt data transmission and provide you access to wherever you want to go in the kingdom of Internet.