How to Unblock Websites in India?

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Nowadays, India is far from being the country of the free, as its government has banned several things, from beef to Maggi noodles, from books to NGOs who receive foreign funds, movies and documentaries. So it is no wonder that the Internet is the next to suffer.

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1 . How Internet Censorship affects India

2. Internet Censorship Circumvention – VPN Connections

Although defined as a democracy which encourages the freedom of the press, India is known for its selective censorship practices in what internet content is concerned. Especially in the past year, the country’s Department of Telecommunications (also known as the DoT) has obliged Internet Service Providers to filter online content and even ban over a thousand sites and blogs, as they considered them a threat to the State and national safety. Several such cases are memorable, as these kinds of scandals involved popular companies such as Vimeo, DailyMail, Uber, TaxiForSure, Ola, Google Docs and Google’s link shortener, as well as hundreds of torrents websites and other platforms which offered free storage services. Moreover, in August 2015, the country’s DoT blocked access to over 800 adult pornography websites, measure which stirred lots of debate regarding how far censorship may go.

How Internet Censorship affects India

Using article 79 of the IT Act, Indian officials manage to impose their rules even on leading internet service providers, such as Vodafone, MTNL, ACT, Hathway and BSNL. What happens is that, by issuing notices, the DoT makes ISPs block websites, by adding all sorts of filters and router restrictions. When access, these pages appear as blank or display a message that says “blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India”. Apart from the obvious lacking of freedom, Indian users have even more reasons to consider the ban harmful, as it decreases internet speed. Each time a website is loaded, the request has to go through several layers of security, process which, of course, takes time and affects the overall user experience.

Internet Censorship Circumvention – VPN Connections

Internet Censorship Circumvention covers the various procedures through which you may bypass censorship. One of the easiest options is choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which helps you create a secure connection which protects user information and restricts access to them.

Through VPN service a user benefits by remaining anonymous on the internet, protecting their vital information and location, and gaining additional layers of security against unauthorized access. This protection allows users to access blocked sites in India with high speeds and data protection.

So, if you wish to access a blocked website from a computer in India, all you need to do is connect to the Internet via a VPN which will hide your original IP and make it look as if you are in another, more permissive country. Even more, if you choose LimeVPN, you get to enjoy a connection that is safe, fast, and which may be accessed from any desktop or mobile device, no matter your location.

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