How To Use Facebook in China On Iphone?

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China is one of the few countries that has a very strict censorship policy. And everyone probably knows that Facebook is among the websites and applications that are banned in China. The global popularity of the social media platform did not sway the stringent censorship that the Chinese government is enforcing over its citizens and even to those who are visiting the country.

The Great Firewall of China has been indeed effective in keeping the people inside the country from being in touch with the rest of the world. However, every firewall has an entry point somehow, just as every building has secret passages and gateways. Needless to say, The Great Firewall of China can be bypassed with the use of the right tool.

Use Virtual Private Network

Facebook in China use VPN

When talking about the right tool to bypass the strict censorship in China, the first thing that comes to mind is the virtual private network. But what is a virtual private network?

The internet is like a gigantic network made of millions and millions of devices, computers, servers, cables, modems, and routers that are interconnected to each other. A Virtual private network or VPN rides within this physical network, and as the name suggests, VPNs do not physically exist. They are only virtual. However, devices are able to connect to a VPN using the physical infrastructure that make up the internet.

When someone uses a VPN, everything he or she does in the internet are encrypted. All data packets that are being sent and received are all encrypted, making it impossible for other people to know what the VPN user is doing.

Because of this, VPN is being used in order to enhance the security and data protection of individuals and organizations. Because of the encryption and the fact that the real IP address of the VPN user is hidden, VPNs are effective in bypassing government censorship, enabling people in China to use Facebook.

The very first step is to select a virtual private network provider. There are hundreds of VPN providers all over the world, so choosing the right one can be a daunting task. The first item on the criteria though is that the vpn provider must provide a solution to your problem of accessing Facebook in China. China has blocked some VPN providers, so make sure that the provider you choose is not banned. LimeVPN is not banned, so you can still use us as a VPN provider.

For a detailed instruction on how to setup VPN on your Iphone, please click here.

Use Proxies

Use Proxies

Proxies can also be a tool in bypassing the censorship discussed in the previous section. There are websites whose server is based in a different country and they allow users to access other websites through them. These are called web-based proxies, and sometimes they are a cheaper alternative. However, users will be bombarded with tons of advertisements, and the speed is not very impressive as well.

Dedicated and private proxies, however, will give you the benefit of web-based proxies but without the advertisements. The speed is also at par with network standards, so proxies may also work well in accessing Facebook in China through a user’s Iphone. LimeProxies is one of the best proxy provider that can help out in bypassing China’s censorship.

Use Tor Browser

Use Tor Browser

Another cheap way to bypass the Great Firewall of China (or any other firewall for that matter) is Tor. It is an anonymity network that anyone can use for free. Users will be able to access Facebook on their Iphone, but only through the Tor browser. Using this option will slow down the speed of the network connection.

In Conclusion

For those who are moving or travelling to China, the Great Firewall is more than a nuisance. It is basically a threat to relationships that can only be nurtured through constant communications in social media sites such as Facebook.

The good news is that this firewall is not impenetrable. With the use of the right tool, users can access Facebook on their Iphone even when they are in China. Virtual private networks or VPNs, proxies, and the Tor browser are three tools that can be used, but the last two lack the security that VPNs provide.