Android PPTP VPN Setup Instructions

VPN for Android native PPTP VPN setup | Apps screen
PPTP VPN for Android Settings screen
Create PPTP VPN connection on  Android | Wireless and Networks screen
Setting up PPTP VPN on Android native VPN menu
How to setup VPN on Android | Edit VPN Profile screen
VPN on Android Connect to PPTP VPN screen

How to setup VPN on Android (PPTP)

  1. Open the menu and choose Settings
  2. Select More
  3. Choose VPN
  4. Select Add VPN Profile
  5. Name the profile LimeVPN and enter the following information:
    1. Set Type as PPTP
    2. In the Server Address field, enter any one of the server mentioned under
    3. Make sure PPP encryption is checked and Save the VPN profile
  6. To connect select the LimeVPN configuration from the list
    1. Enter your LimeVPN login email and password
    2. Select Save account information
    3. Connect

Setting up PPTP VPN on your Android device?

Use this simple guide with screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to create native PPTP VPN connection on your Android device. Use this list as an example to configure any PPTP VPN connection from different providers on your Android driven gadget. One thing you will definitely need is to check your email for your VPN account authentication information (login/password). Another thing would be to double check your VPN account status to be active. In case you still can’t connect to VPN, we suggest you to contact support. LimeVPN offers one-to-one remote support to all our customers.

How to create native PPTP VPN connection on Android

Android devices are also a part of our offer and setting up PPTP VPN on Android is a really easy task which can be completed in only a few steps which are shown above this text. In other words, in order to create native VPN connection on Android device you need to go to the settings and select more. After that, you should choose VPN and then add VPN profile. The rest of it is explained in the step-by-step instructions which you should follow carefully. If you do everything according to the instructions, you will successfully set up PPTP VPN on Android. If you want to use the app to configure your VPN connection then we suggest setting up OpenVPN client for your Android device.