DD-WRT Router L2TP VPN Setup Instructions (without Script)

PPTP VPN setup on DD-WRT Router (without Script)
How to create PPTP VPN on DD-WRT Router (without Script)
Setting up PPTP VPN on DD-WRT Router (without Script)
PPTP VPN DD-WRT Router tutorial (without Script)
  1. Connect to your router. To do that you have to enter the following address in your browser:
  2. Go to “Setup” tab and and choose “Basic Setup” Fill in the below details:
    • Connection Type” – choose “L2TP”
    • Gateway (L2TP server) – The server name from https://limevpn.com/network-locations/
    • Username – LimeVPN username
    • Password – LimeVPN Password
    • Use DHCP – Yes
    • MTU – Change it to “Manual and set the value to 1460
    • STP – Disable
    • Enter the local IP address and choose DHCP Type as DHCP server and enable DHCP
    • Click on Apply settings
  3. Go to the Security tab and choose Firewall. Then, set “SPI Firewall” to Disable
  4. Now go to VPN Passthrough and choose Enabled next to L2TP Passthrough. Then click on Apply settings button.
  5. Then go to Administration tab and scroll all the way down, then click on Reboot router button. This will reboot your router
  6. Once the reboot is completed your VPN connections will be created. You can check the connection by going to “Status” tab and choosing “WAN”. You should see the “Connected” status. If it says “Disconnected” click on “Connect” button.

To check if you are connected to a VPN server, go to https://www.ipchicken.com/ and see if your IP is changed.