DD WRT Routers L2TP/IP Sec Setup Instructions

DD WRT Routers L2TP/IP Sec Setup
DD WRT Routers L2TP/IP Sec Setup

How to Setup L2TP VPN in DD-WRT Router

In order to setup VPN on DD-WRT Router, you need to enter the router configuration. To do so, go to your browser and type in the IP address of the router. The default IP address for it should be

After typing in the address, you will log in and see a screen where you need to click Setup. Setup will open an option Basic Setup which will further expand WAN Setup. Clicking WAN Setup will give you a list of options and settings that you need to change. Here is the list of all the changes that need to be done here.

  1. Connection Type: a menu will drop down, from which you should choose L2TP as an option
  2. Getaway (L2TP server): Every server has a hostname, and you should enter the one that you want to connect to. For example, the server in the US (one of them) has a hostname us3.limevpn.com – this is a thing that you should enter
  3. Username: Your LimeVPN username
  4. Password: Your VPN password
  5. Connection settings – Edit as following
    • Enable “Use DHCP”
    • Enable “Require CHAP”
    • Disable “Refuse PAP”
    • Enable “Require Authentication”
    • Disable Receive IPTV
    • Connection Strategy: Check “Keep Alive” (Redial Period 30 seconds)
  6. Optional Settings – STP: Disable STP as an option
  7. Network Address Server Settings (DHCP) – edit as presented here
    • DHCP Type: Select “DHCP Server” from the drop-down menu
    • Enable “DHCP server”
    • Static DNS 1: Enter
    • Static DNS 2: Enter
    • Static DNS 3: Enter
    • NOTE: There are fields not mentioned here and you should leave them blank or as set by default
    • Double-check everything after setting it up and click Save. Click Apply Settings afterwards.

You successfully finished setting up L2TP VPN for DD-WRT Router. You should check your connection afterwards, to see if everything is working. Furthermore, you can go to http://whatismyipaddress.com to check your location after the VPN has been activated

If you want to disconnect from VPN, you can click on Status and then on WAN. This will give you an option to check your connection status and disconnect.