How to configure IKEv2 on iOS?

All the updated iOS versions have IKEv2 protocol for VPN connection. Follow the below steps to configure VPN on your iPhone or iPad using IKEv2.

Step 1:

Click on Settings to open the settings menu and click on General, under General you will find the VPN option

IKEv2 on iOS

Step 2:

Click “Add VPN Configuration

IKEv2 on iOS


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Step 3:

The type selected should be IKEv2 and following details needs to be added:

  • Description: Name of your choice
  • Server: The server address that you wish to connect to. Refer the server list
  • External ID: The same server address that was mentioned under “Server” NOTE: In older iOS versions, you might see “Remote ID” instead of “External ID”
  • Local ID: Leave it blank Authentication:
  • User Authentication: Username
  • Username: LimeVPN Username
  • Password: LimeVPN Password

After adding all the details, click on Done

Step 4:

IKEv2 on iOS

Step 5:

Under VPN Configurations,  to connect, click on the radio button besides the VPN profile that was created.

IKEv2 on iOS