How to create an L2TP VPN connection on iOS devices like iPhone or iPad?

Step 1:

Launch the Settings application

iOS Apps screen

Step 2:

Go to General under Settings

iOS Settings screen

Step 3:

Click VPN

iOS General Settings screen

Step 4:

Click Add VPN Configuration

iOS Add VPN config

Step 5:

Click L2TP and enter the following information:

a) Description: LimeVPN L2TP In the Server Address field, enter any one of the server mentioned under

b) Account: Your LimeVPN login email

c) Password: Your LimeVPN Password

Step 6:

Click Save

Enter secret key private and Save

NOTE: If you are using a dedicated IP (LimeVPN Pro) or , then the secret key will be limevpn

iOS choosing L2TP connection

Note : To connect to VPN, make sure your VPN profile is selected and slide the VPN button right to connect.

iOS VPN connecting