Lime VPN Software for Windows Setup Instructions

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How to Configure VPN software for Windows

  1. Download VPN software
  2. Double click on limevpn.exe
  3. Ignore security warning and click Run
  4. Select Next to continue the setup
  5. Select Destination folder where you want to install the Lime VPN app, you need 48 MB of free space
  6. Create a Desktop Icon if interested and click next to install
  7. Click Finish to launch the application
  8. Open settings by clicking on the icon showed on the screen
  9. Enter your Username and Password and click save(you no need to enter your credentials every time the application is launched) and click Login
  10. Choose protocol from PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN
  11. Select the server you choose to connect (lower the ping closest to your physical location)
  12. Slide the bar to the right to connect and left to disconnect

Please note it may take up to 10 seconds when you open the VPN software for the first time to sync the locations after you chose to connect.

So, how to Install VPN software for Windows?

Just follow the simple instruction which is above-mentioned on this page and setup our easy-to-use VPN software for Windows in just 5 minutes. For the first time VPN software launched you’ll need to enter your Login/password, so don’t forget to check your email for VPN account activation letter.

How to setup VPN software on Windows?

If you ever installed something before on your Windows this should be an easy task. To install VPN for Windows you need to follow the simple step – by – step instructions which are presented to you above. VPN client for Windows takes only up to 5 minutes to set up completely. After all the instructions have been applied, you will have it up and running in no time. In other words, VPN software for Windows setup is a very simple procedure and it includes downloading the client from our website, installing it and setting it after the installation. It takes up 48 MB of your hard-drive and it is easy to use.

If something goes wrong with installing VPN software for Windows and the default settings are not working properly, please contact one of our support staff which will be glad to help you. If your VPN application is not working properly, please contact support. LimeVPN provides its clients free and easy-to-use VPN software and additionally one-on-one remote support in cases default configuration does not work. Feel free to contact support via chat or contact form.

How to setup openVPN through LimeVPN windows client?

OpenVPN is software which will enable you to make VPN connection easily on your Windows OS. The whole procedure itself is not very difficult and all you have to do is follow the tutorial thoroughly and see if you understand it completely before proceeding to the setup itself. So in order to create OpenVPN connection using LimeVPN windows app you will need to download the appropriate software as shown above and make set it up accordingly. In other words, if you are wondering how to connect to VPN using OpenVPN protocol, you can get all the answers on this page.