Tomato Routers L2TP/IP Sec VPN Setup Instructions

Tomato Routers L2TP/IP Sec Setup

How to setup L2TP VPN on Tomato Router

In order to setup VPN on Tomato router, you need to open the control panel which will give you access to the settings.

You can access the panel by entering an IP of the router in the browser .The IP is most likely Afterwards, you will need to type in username and password of the router, which are most likely located in the user’s manual or on the back of the router.

After you enter the Tomato router settings, you will need to choose Basic on the left and then click Network afterwards. You will see a lot of option that need to be configured and here is how you should configure them.

  • Type: L2TP
  • Username: Your LimeVPN account username
  • Password: Type your special L2TP password. Afterwards, you should click “View” located next to “Manually Set-up VPN – No Software”.
  • L2TP Server: You can locate IPs by logging to VPN Control Panel and choosing the option “Software & Help”. Afterwards, click the “View” option which is next to “Manually set-up VPN – No software”
  • Use DHCP: Check
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Options: Leave blank
  • Connect mode: Keep alive
  • Redial Interval: 10
  • MTU: Default – 1460

Thus, Setting up a L2TP VPN on your Tomato router is simple if you follow the above said step-by-step instructions.If you have problems in configuring a VPN on your routers. Please check our tutorials on How to set up VPN on routers. Further if you have issues in setting up L2TP VPN ,  Contact our Support for assistance.