Trendnet Routers L2TP/IP Sec Setup Instructions

Android OpenVPN setup

How to Setup L2TP VPN on Trendnet Routers

In order to start with the L2TP setup, you need to click on the „Advanced“ option which is located on the menu on the left. (It is located right next to Basic). Afterwards, click „Administration“ option and choose „Setup“ as one of the given sub-tabs.

In order to perform Trendnet Router L2TP setup, take a look at the steps below, which will show you how to configure your router.

  • Connection Type: Choose „L2TP“ when the menu drops down
  • L2TP Server: Here, you have an option. You can choose to enter the hostname of the VPN (thus establishing connection with the server that is the least loaded) or you can choose to enter an IP address that is specific. In order to do that, you can just copy and paste one of these into the L2TP server field.
  • Protocol of Physical Connection: DHCP
  • DNS Servers: The first field should contain this address – The second field should contain
  • Username: Type your LimeVPN account username
  • Password: Type in your special L2TP VPN password.
  • On Demand Mode: Select „Disabled“
  • Keep Alive Mode: Select „Enabled“
  • MTU: Type „1452“

After finishing this, you succeeded in setting up L2TP VPN on a Trendnet Router. Double-check everything and try to connect afterwards to see if everything works well.