Windows Vista PPTP VPN Setup Instructions (PPTP)

VPN for Windows Vista | Control Panel
VPN setup on Windows Vista - Control Panel Window
Windows Vista VPN setup | Network and Sharing Center Window
Windows Vista Setup a VPN Connection or Network Window
Windows Vista VPN setup - Connect to a Workplace Network Window
VPN configuration on Windows Vista 0 Connect to a Workplace Network Window 2
 VPN for Windows Vista | Connect to a Workplace Network Window 3
PPTP VPN for Windows Vista Connect to a Workplace Network Window 4

How to Configure VPN on Windows Vista PPTP protocol

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Open View Network Status and Tasks
  3. Click on Setup new connection or network
  4. Click on Connect to a workplace and click Next
  5. Choose to setup a VPN connection
  6. In the Internet address, enter any one of the server mentioned under
  7. Type in your LimeVPN login email and Password in their respective fields. Leave Domain blank and click Connect
  8. Wait for the process to finish and at the end you should be connected to the VPN

How to setup VPN on your Windows Vista PC?

Just follow these VPN setup instructions carefully and check screenshots for better understanding. Setup it for one time and then connect to PPTP VPN on Windows Vista in one single click. Don’t forget to check that your VPN account is paid well and working properly.

Setting up PPTP on Windows Vista

Follow the instructions above that will help you with setting up PPTP VPN on Windows step-by-step. If you have been using Vista for a long time, this simple operation should not represent a problem and it will take as much as 5 minutes. Once you got it all set up, you are ready to experience fully our services. Since the procedure involves several types of operations, be sure to tread the instructions thoroughly and that you understand each step correctly. This instuction is dedicated to a PPTP VPN protocol conection setup, if you need to know about other VPN protocols and why to use each of them – read this How to select VPN protocol guide.

In other words, Windows Vista PPTP VPN setup instruction should be an easy task and if something goes wrong, feel free to contact support to get things further explained. Contact support in cases these instructions didn’t work for you.