How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos?

unblock YouTube

YouTube is a popular video streaming platform that sees over 2 billion new users every month from around the globe. This large number doesn’t mean that everyone can have access to YouTube as there are several restrictions for different users. Depending on your location, certain videos will be blocked through the process of geo-blocking. So anyone who is in that location and tries to access the video would get a “Video Unavailable“ response. This limit to content access is one of the most annoying things a user can face and that’s why we have this article to guide you on how to unblock YouTube videos.

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1 . How to Unblock YouTube Videos?

2. Make Use of LimeVPN

YouTube geo-blocks contents in a country for two general reasons:

1 . Licensing: licensing happens with entertainment material that is owned by a major company. The video is either being restricted by the owner on purpose, or the owner doesn’t have the right to make the video available in the countries. Many blocked music videos fall under this category.

2. Compliance with local laws: YouTube can also block a video if it goes against the local laws of a country. For example, it’s illegal to defame the Thai monarch, so any videos with such content are blocked.

The restrictions and laws placed on content that can be made available and in which location takes away the freedom that should be available on the internet. LimeVPN can give you that freedom, as it allows you to have access to any content of your choice irrespective of your location.

How to Unblock YouTube Videos?

1 . Use a VPN

With a VPN, all your data requests are routed through a server in a different country that you choose so that when you access the internet, it would seem you are in that location. VPNs are heavily encrypted and this hides your IP address from your ISP, giving you complete anonymity and privacy.

Your privacy is hidden from all but your VPN service provider as they can see all your online activity. This is why you should be careful when selecting a VPN service, and only go for one that is tested and trusted.

With a VPN, you can easily switch locations to suit your purpose, and a good VPN that doesn’t keep logs of your activities wouldn’t have your viewing history saved. The speed of a VPN varies with service, so choose a good one that is fast enough for smooth streaming.

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2. Use Tor Browser but Only as The Last Resort

Using the Tor Browser is an extreme measure and should only be considered if the penalty for watching a blocked video is serious. The Tor browser is powerful and ensures absolute privacy by sending your internet traffic over the Tor network. The Tor network includes a web of web servers scattered around the world and encrypts your internet traffic three times, before routing it through three different servers so that it’s impossible to trace you.

Setting up Tor can be fairly complicated, but you can set the final exit node for your internet traffic from the Tor network so you can unblock the YouTube video of your choice. But since Tor is slow due to all the heavy encryption involved, it can delay streaming speed, and would slow down the internet speed of other Tor users.


1 . Ultimate privacy would be achieved


1. Internet speed is slow

2. It’s not easy to set up and use

3. Watching videos on YouTube using Tor would make it slower for other users on the network

3. Privacy Options to Avoid: YouTube Proxies

A proxy server is like a VPN in that it allows you to access the internet with another server in a different location from your own. So when you connect to a website, your real IP address is hidden and you appear to be in a different location.

Unlike a VPN, a proxy only works over the connection you open with the proxy meaning that it doesn’t protect your entire device. For example, if you connect to a proxy in your internet browser, only the traffic from your browser would go through the proxy and all other applications that need internet access would connect to your local ISP.

Proxies also don’t provide you with the security that VPNs give. There isn’t extra encryption and in many cases, free proxies ban HTTPS traffic. This means that your data is vulnerable and can be intercepted and read by a third party. Your activities can also be tracked, taking away every bit of privacy.


1 . It’s very easy to use


1 . Your data isn’t safe

2. The proxy service can monitor your online activities

3. Internet speed is slow and the performance is weak

Make Use of LimeVPN


The use of a VPN is the easiest and best way to unblock YouTube videos. There are different VPN service providers out there and to ensure that your viewing history remains private, and your activities are not stored in a server, you should only choose a VPN service that is trustworthy and keeps no logs.

LimeVPN has servers in most cities around the world so you can make your choice and gain access to any content you want. it’s however advisable to choose a server that is close to you for better speed. Your ISP and other third parties won’t be able to spy on you because of the 256-bit encryption LimeVPN uses, and all data exchanges would remain private.

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So if you are in a location that doesn’t allow you access to YouTube content, unblock that YouTube video with the following easy steps:

1 . Choose a LimeVPN plan

Select a LimeVPN plan so you can enjoy the features that each comes with. They are all affordable and provide you with great value for every cent you spend.

2 . Connect to a server

You will see different servers and countries to connect to. You can choose anyone you prefer, or allow the system to automatically connect you to the fastest server based on your location.

3. Refresh the YouTube page and enjoy

With LimeVPN, the possibilities are endless as you can operate with top anonymity without compromising your security.


Unblocking YouTube videos is a satisfying act as it gives you access to content you want to view but are restricted from watching. There are legal reasons behind the geo-blocking of the videos, so you need to be careful when using a VPN to gain access. Not all VPNs would protect you even if they give you access and this can get you in trouble. Choose a trustworthy VPN service that gives you both anonymity and security. Choose LimeVPN.