How To Watch Live TV And Sports On PS4 Browser?

How To Watch Live TV And Sports On PS4 Browser

When we talk about games like FIFA, Counter Strike, the first thing that comes to our mind is the PlayStation. It has become ubiquitous and a synonym to games. As a part of the enhanced user experience, they have also started media streaming under the name “PlayStation Network”

Let’s check out the amazing development history of Playstation before we get into live TV.

PlayStation: Developed in 1994. it was first in line to many more home consoles to come. The upgraded version i.e Playstation one or PS 1 was released in July 2000. The main changes include a change in the Graphical user interface and the aesthetics.

The combined sale of PlayStation and PS one crossed over 120 million.

PlayStation 2: It came out in 2000 as a successor for PlayStation 1. Considered to be a competition to Dreamcast, Xbox and Nintendo, Playstation easily grabbed the throne to become the most successful gaming console ever made. As of 2012, PlayStation has sold over 155 million units.

PlayStation 3: After the huge success of PlayStation 2, this model was released in 2004. This was seen to be competition for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. As of 2013, PlayStation 3 has sold up to 80 million units. This was the first home console to have motion sensing technology along with Blue-ray disk player and HD included. This is when the PlayStation Network was launched

PlayStation 4: Unveiled in 2013, this is the eighth generation system and the latest console. In this version, Sony also introduced the PlayStation app so that you can use your smartphone or tablet as a secondary screen. This was also the first PlayStation with x86 architecture. The hardware and later modified and sold under the name Playstation Slim and Pro

PlayStation Network:

PlayStation network is a digital media entertainment service that was introduced by Sony for Playstations in 2006. As of 2016, Playstation network has about 70 million active users.

Although this was only aimed for Playstations, it was later extended for Smartphones, Tablets and even Sony smart TVs. Below are the devices that offer Sony Network.

PS4 Browser

Latest Playstations are not just about gaming but you can now easily watch live TV. The inbuilt browser in PS can be used for this purpose.

When it comes to live TV or any such streaming service, the contents are restricted based on the location. For example, a live broadcast of American football might not be available in the UK.

The easiest way to get around this is by using a VPN. VPN will allow you to connect to a server in a country where the streaming is available, in this case, the USA, thus enabling you to stream from anywhere in the world.

VPN will also add encryption to your network

Here’s how to watch:

  • Sign Up for a LimeVPN account.
  • Configure VPN on your router. Guides are available here to help you set up LimeVPN on your router.
  • Connect to a server where the match is being live streamed, like the USA
  • Now connect your PlayStation to the router using Wifi

Nowadays gaming consoles are more like a home entertainment device, where you can play your favourite games as well as watch your favourite shows.