How to Watch Live UEFA Championship Games with VPN

Euro 2016 using a VPN

It is a big month for all the lovers of football (also known as soccer in some English-speaking countries) and the UEFA Euro 2016 started in France on 10th of June. It is going to last almost a month and the cities such as Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse, etc. The uncertainty now is bigger than ever because almost every team has good players ready to have their place under the spotlight.

There are 24 teams in total on this tournament and they are divided into groups of six – each having four teams. The final is planned to be on July the 10th, exactly a month after the championship started.

Apart from football, many other interesting events happened such as Russian end English hooligans pillaging the city and fighting each other. However, you would not know all this if you were unable to follow the games. Living in the age of technology, we prefer watching things online rather than on television, so how can you exactly watch UEFA Euro 2016 online?

How to use VPN in order to watch Euro 2016?

The answer lies in the Virtual Private Network. Let’s say, for example that you live in the United Kingdom and that you like watching BBC and its programs, especially using their iPlayer. However, once you go out of the premises of United Kingdom, you will face a certain inconvenience called geo-blocking.


Geo-blocking is a term which means that your IP has now changed and shows a country different than UK, which makes iPlayer automatically block you from watching content. However, by setting up a VPN, you can overcome this geo-block and be allowed to watch your favorite matches on this football championship.

Imagine this being the case for everything that you watch – being able to watch it anywhere in the world without the fear of being cut off by geo-blocking.

How does it work?

VPN services, such as LimeVPN give you a dedicated  ip address which is located in the country where the streaming is from, thus making them think that you are currently in that country. Let’s take iPlayer once again for example. LimeVPN will provide you a UK IP address  which will make it like you are currently in United Kingdom, wherever you may be in the world. The app will read your IP and let you watch the championship, being fooled that you are in the UK.

Apart from this feature, LimeVPN also offers complete anonymity and safety on the internet, which means that you can stream your favorite matches without the fear of being hacked or your data being stolen.

To sum up, do not worry that you will not be able to stream the championship because you are located in a distant country without the access to your favorite channel, because a Virtual Private Network will solve your problem. As soon as you opt for one, such as LimeVPN, you will be able to watch the game online through the channel of your preference because you will avoid geo-blocking and appear as if you were in your own country. May the best team win!