How to watch Netflix’s Sense8 from China via VPN

One of the most recommended sci-fi drama, Sense8 has been a good watch which made up to everybody’s watchlist. If you too are a big all-time fan of sci-fi drama then Sense8 Netflix series is the one which is mostly recommended you to watch. But when people travel to the countries where Netflix is not available due to geographical restrictions, they face problem in watching the series.

These geographical restrictions block the content in different locations due to various factors such as copyright and license issues. Common geographical restrictions enabled by Netflix and other platforms block the access of the US-based series outside the US. It is only when you have a US-based IP address, you could access the GEO-restricted content. A VPN helps you bypass the geographical restrictions by providing a US-based IP address. With US IP you can watch your favorite US-bases series from anywhere.

Why watch the Sense8 Netflix series?

Does sci-fi drama excite you, whenever you watch them? Then there’s a sci-fi drama which you must surely not miss, Sense8 Netflix series is a sci-drama which keeps you hooked throughout. This Netflix series has depicted the diversity of cultures integrated into this amazing sci-fi drama very well. Not just it has science fiction but a lot more like LGBTQ characters and different beautiful locations are well included as a part of the story.

It is these things which made the Sense8 Netflix series a critically well-acclaimed sci-fi drama, which has been the talk of the town. Its growing popularity and word of mouth appreciation have led to a huge fanbase for the show across the world. This sci-fi drama has lived up to the expectations of the audience, with its good plot and gripping sequences.

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Sense8 Netflix series is a visual treat for a sci-fi fan. It has an interesting plot which keeps you engaging throughout, and the story is well paced, not letting you feel bored even at a single instance. The ensemble cast all together and the connection between each character is very well portrayed, showing diversity at the same time a strong connection among them.

It has a great cast, consisting of various international artists from different countries, which made the series even more likable among people across the world. Sense8 talks about 8 sensates, which reside in different parts of the world and belong to different social and economic backgrounds, yet are connected with each other emotionally and mentally.

The series is about their discovery of how and why are they connected to each other, while they live their normal lives. At the same time, they face the problems which come in their way as a part of them being sensate.

The series has two seasons and two special episodes which do not fail to impress the audience with its exquisite locations across the world creating the right sense backdrop into the lives of the main protagonists of the Sense8 Netflix series, the Sensates.

The show had been among the top rated sci-fi series, which has enjoyed wide popularity among the audiences. On top of it, the soundtrack of the series leaves a mesmerizing experience for the ears, making a large number of fans.

All these reasons sum up to the factor making the Sense8 Netflix series a must watch sci-fi series, which should not be missed. Having all the episodes streaming gives you the option to binge watch this amazing sci-fi drama.

How to Watch Sense8 Netflix Series from China

For any sci-fi movie buff, missing Sense8 Netflix series would be a big deal, given its hooking plot and amazing picturization. The amazing performances from some of the most talented actors from different parts of the world make it a visual treat. Are you worrying about missing your favorite sci-fi series due to any kind of geographical restrictions? Then don’t worry about not being able to watch your favorite show when you are in China.

Watching your favorite show Sense8 Netflix Series is now possible, even when you stay outside the USA, with a VPN. With a VPN like LimeVPN you can enjoy binge-watching your favorite show, without any hassles.

LimeVPN gives you a US IP address, which makes it possible to watch the series despite the imposed geographical restrictions. With numerous active servers across the US, LimeVPN offers you with US IP address, which would help in bypassing the geographical restrictions.

Not just you could watch your favorite show from anywhere with LimeVPN, but at the same time, you could also stream it without buffering with high-speed VPN network, enjoying utmost online privacy. All this comes with ease by following just a few simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Get a secured IP address based in the US by Signing up with a VPN provider like LimeVPN, which has numerous servers across the US.
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the step by step installation guide to setup the VPN on your system within a few minutes. With this, your VPN is installed and set up on any device such as Desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone whichever you choose to watch your series on.
  3. Select a US-based server while connecting, to get an IP address based in the US.
  4. Login to Netflix and you are set to binge watch your favorite Sense8.


With LimevPN, you get access to geographically restricted content while maintaining your online privacy, preventing you from all the unwanted threats of cybersecurity, hackers, and intruders.

Enjoy watching Netflix’s Sense8 in Your Region with a VPN

Watch Netflix from China via VPN

LimeVPN enables you with a US IP address, with the help of its widespread network of US-based servers, which helps you to access the Sense8 series bypassing the geographical restrictions. Now you can simply unblock the US Netflix and all other GEO-restricted content in your region by using LimeVPN.

Binge watch your favorite sci-fi show Sense8 with a high-speed VPN network provided by LimeVPN without any buffering and enjoy the seamless streaming at its best. Well, not just this, but you also enjoy online privacy which saves you from hackers and online intruders, safeguarding you from any potential cybercrime. This makes watching your favorite show a cakewalk.

Watch the episodes of Sense8 and let us know your streaming experience in the comments below. Happy binge watching!

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