How to Live Stream the Oscars 2018 – 90th Academy Awards?

Oscars 2018

We bet everyone will agree when we say that the Oscars is the most anticipated annual awarding event in the movie industry. And this is true not only in the United States, but also all over the world. People in Asia, Australia, and other parts of the world would love to come together to witness this awards ceremony.

And did you know that the Oscars is the oldest awards ceremony in the movie industry in the whole world? This year’s Oscars is the 90th ceremony. The other Academy awards ceremonies such as the Emmys (for television shows), the Grammys (for the music industry), and the Tony Awards (for the theater) are all based after the Oscars.

The Oscars, also called the Academy Awards for movies, honors movies and films made in a specific year, and the awards night is held on late February of the next year.

For 2018, however, the Oscars 2018 was held on March 4th instead of the usual late February schedule in order to avoid coming in conflict with the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The Academy Awards was presented by AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). And this year’s award ceremony was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The ceremony was aired live through the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

How to Watch the Oscars?

watch Oscars 2018

The Academy Awards can be watched live in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. The first few year years of the Oscars were televised by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) (1953 to 1960). After that, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) took over for one decade (1960 to 1970).

NBC was able to gain the television rights again from the year 1971 to 1975. In 1976, ABC took over again, and its current contract with AMPAS is until the year 2028.

So for the next ten years, you can watch the Oscars through the ABC, an American channel. People who are in the United States, and even those in the United Kingdom and Canada, can easily watch the Oscars live either on TV or online. No problem or hassle for them.

Avid fans who are outside these countries, on the other hand, can watch the most esteemed awards ceremony with the help of a virtual private network. Geo-restrictions employed by ABC can be bypassed using a VPN because an IP address that belongs to a server in the United States will be assigned to you.

Your real IP address will be hidden (the one that reveals that you are from, say, Asia), thus telling ABC that you are a viewer from the United States. You can therefore watch live the 2018 Oscars, and the Oscars for the next coming years.

What are the Categories for the Oscars?


The Oscars currently has 24 categories, and winning just even one of those will mean so much for a movie arties. It will catapult the artist into fame and a highly esteemed celebrity status. Needless to say, winning an Oscar is a gateway for more amazing projects to come for an artist.

The 24 categories are:

  • Best Picture
  • Best Director
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role
  • Best Animated Feature
  • Best Animated Short Film
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Documentary Feature
  • Best Documentary Short Subject
  • Best Film Editing
  • Best Foreign Language Film
  • Best Live Action Short Film
  • Best Makeup and Hairstyling
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Original Song
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Sound Editing
  • Best Sound Mixing
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Best Original Screenplay

Every year, the Board of Governors meet together to discuss new award categories. There are also special committees that vote for Special Academy Awards. These awards are not really awarded annually. For the 90th Academy Awards, the following Special Academy Awards were presented:

  • Academy Honorary Award
  • Academy Scientific and Technical Award (includes the three different awards below)
  • Academy Award of Merit
  • Scientific and Engineering Award
  • Technical Achievement Award
  • Gordon E. Sawyer Award
  • Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
  • Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award
  • Academy Special Achievement Award

Fun Facts About the Oscars

fun facts about the oscars

We have gathered five interesting facts about the Oscars that you may find, well, interesting. These things are nice to know, especially if you are a movie fan. So here they go:

  • The youngest Oscars winner is Tatum O’Neil when she won Best Supporting Actress for the 1973 movie Paper Moon. She was only ten years old during that time.
  • The oldest Oscars winner, on the other hand, was then 82-year old Christopher Plummer for winning the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the movie Beginners (2010).
  • The first ever woman to win the Best Director award was Kathryn Bigelow for the 2009 film The Hurt Locker.
  • Katharine Hepburn holds the record for winning the most number of Best Actress Oscars. She won four for the movies Morning Glory (1933), Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (1967), The Lion In Winter (1968), and On Golden Pond (1981).
  • Italy is the country that holds the record for winning the most Oscars for Foreign Language Film. The country has 10 Oscars so far.


It is considered a lifetime achievement when an actor or actress wins an Oscar. An Oscar is a status symbol, and it is the most coveted of all awards in the movie industry.

Fans, of course, are always on the watch as to whether or not their favorite movie artists are on the roster of Oscar nominees. Witnessing the awards ceremony live will be a dream come true for most avid fans. This dream, however, is something that can easily be reached only if you are in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada because of geo-blocking or geo-restriction.

If you are not from any of these countries, you don’t need to fret. Your dream of watching the Oscars live or at least to live stream the Oscars can still come true. A virtual private network or vpn services provider can help you bypass the geo restriction, allowing you to stream the show online.

A VPN unblocks not only the Oscars, but also other awards ceremonies such as the Emmy Awards, the Grammy Awards, and the Tony Awards. It also works for your favorite video streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.

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