How to Watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse on Kodi or PS4?

Having a VPN connection is not the only thing you need to be happy of when it comes to Live Streaming, You should also know when to use it and on what to use it. In today’s world most of the people use VPN for gaming and entertainment instead of security and geo-restrictions.

Such is this fight between the “ Pac Man “ Pacquiao and “ The Machine “ Matthysse. The fight will be for “ Welterweight Championship “ which will be held on July 15th this year.

Pacquiao vs Matthysse Schedule:

  • Pacquiao vs Matthysse Date: Sunday 15 July, 2018
  • Pacquiao vs Matthysse Timing: 9:00 pm ET
  • Pacquiao vs Matthysse Venue: Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur

For those people who use PS4 for media streaming here is a guide to help you watch those videos with ease.

How to watch the Pacquiao vs Matthysse on PS4:

Watching boxing fights on a computer or TV is great, but watching it on PS4 gives you better experience with a better quality. PS4 allows you to stream live events and now you can watch the fight on PS4 without any hold ups. Here is what you can do to watch this exciting fight online on your favourite gaming console:

  • Sign up with LimeVPN
  • Setup LimeVPN on Router using the link , best if connected to US server, you can find the list here.
  • Connect your PS4 to the router
  • On PS4, launch the PlayStation Browser and visit
  • Watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse on PS4 with ease.

How to Watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse on Kodi:

If you are using Kodi then you do not need a introduction for the same, It is the best media streaming device to watch channel using official and 3rd party add ons.

It is always recommended to use Kodi if you wish to get live action of such fights through official streaming services, However you should be well versed to install add ons as it is quite tricky and confusing.

  • Sign up with LimeVPN
  • Set up LimeVPN on Router using the link
  • Connect to your preferred server location
  • Turn on Kodi and Install best Kodi Boxing Add-ons
  • Enjoy streaming Pacquiao vs Matthysse on Kodi for free.

There are a lot of addons available online for watching the boxing fight live, However based on reviews and customer experiences on setting up we recommend the below 3 addons.

1. Cerebro IPTV:

  1. Launch Kodi, go to Settings File Manager
  2. Select Add Source and then hit the None button
  3. Enter this link in the text box:
  4. Click OK
  5. Name the Repo “kodilRep
  6. Hit OK twice
  7. Return to Kodi home
  8. Select Add-Ons and then click on the open-box icon from top left corner
  9. Click on Install from zip file > and select
  10. Select zip to and install and wait
  11. Now Select Install from Repository
  12. Select Kodil Repository
  13. Navigate to Video Add-ons option
  14. And then Select Cerebro IPTV+
  15. Click on install and wait for the installation to complete.
  16. Return to Kodi Home Screen and Select Add-ons
  17. Look for Cerebro IPTV+ Add-on and click on it to launch it
  18. Select the IPTV section and enjoy streaming Pacquiao vs Matthysse on Kodi

2. UK Turk Playlist

  1. Launch Kodi and go to Settings > File Manager
  2. Hit the Add Source button and then select None
  3. Type this link in the text box:
  4. Hit OK
  5. Name the Repo “kodilrepository
  6. Click OK twice
  7. Go back to Kodi home screen
  8. Choose Add-Ons and then hit the open box icon from top left
  9. Select Install from zip file > Kodilrepository and then select zip
  10. Wait for the repository to install
  11. Now Select Install from Repository Video Add-ons and look for UK Turk Playlists
  12. Select UK Turk Playlists and hit install
  13. Once done, return to Kodi Home Screen
  14. Now go to Add-ons > Video Add-ons and click on UK Turk Playlists to launch
  15. If a Pin code is required, click on Yes and you’ll be redirected to a website
  16. Once the site is loaded, scroll down and click on Generate Pin
  17. Copy the 5-digit pin code and paste it in the add-on Text Box, click OK
  18. Once you do that, the add-on will launch successfully
  19. Navigate to the Sports Section and watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse for free.

3. cCloud TV:

  1. Launch Kodi and navigate to Settings > File Manager
  2. choose Add Source and then click on None
  3. Copy this link in the Text box:
  4. Click on OK
  5. Name this Repository “kodilrepository
  6. Click OK twice
  7. Head back to Kodi home
  8. Choose Add-Ons and click on the open-box icon from top left
  9. Choose Install from zip file and then select Kodilrepository
  10. Click on zip to install the repository
  11. Once the repo is installed, select Install from Repository
  12. Go to Kodil Repository and then Video Add-ons
  13. Select cCloud TV and Click on install
  14. Once installed, return to your Home screens
  15. Go to Add-ons > Video Add-ons and then Select cCloud TV to launch
  16. Select the Sports category and then choose your desired channel (BoxNation or ESPN+) to watch Pacquiao vs Matthysse on Kodi for free.

Above are some steps to catch the fight live using Kodi, you need to know the steps in order to set it up without any issue.

However if you are really not looking for these steps and wish to watch the show live without any difficulty, then here are few alternatives, it is always recommended to use a VPN for the below channels.

Streaming Channels for Free :

  • GMA Network
  • The 5 Network
  • ESPN+
  • Cable Channels

Conclusion :

Now that you have the guides for almost everything you can do to watch the boxing match, What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy the muscle tightening fight between the 2 bests.

Any suggestions or queries? Write back in comments and our 24/7 team will get back to you in no time.