Watch Super Bowl LIV Live Online with LimeVPN

With an estimated number of 150 million people expected to tune in from all over the world, the super bowl is one of the biggest games in the US. This year’s game is between the San Francisco’s 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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1 . When Is the Super Bowl?

2. Which Teams Are Playing in This Year’s Super Bowl?

3. Stream The Super Bowl LIV Live Online

4. Where to Watch the Super Bowl LIV Live Online

What would it be? Victory for the Kansas City Chief as led by their second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes? Or victory for the Niners thanks to their team effort? There’s one way to find out and here you will learn how to watch super bowl LIV live online.

When Is the Super Bowl?


The super bowl is set to begin at 6:30 PM EST in Miami on February 3.

Which Teams Are Playing in This Year’s Super Bowl?


As already mentioned, the Kansas City Chiefs will be competing with the San Francisco 49ers in the 54th super bowl. The 49ers have won the super bowl five times, unlike the Chiefs who have won just once in 1970. So the Niners have a lot of morale here.

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There are not the only players in the super bowls as its half time show has become a cultural event in the US. Prince, Michael Jackson, and Beyoncé have been known to render legendary performances in the past during these times. This year, however, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez would be performing so sit tight.

Stream The Super Bowl LIV Live Online


With LimeVPN, your favorite content won’t be kept from your reach due to geo-restrictions. There are servers in different countries whose IP you can use to access websites and stream content even in locations that were otherwise blocked from your access.

Where to Watch the Super Bowl LIV Live Online


If you want to stream the super bowl live, there are several options for you.

If the presence of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck makes your super bowl game more interesting, then consider watching the game at FOXSports. It’s a free service but is only available to those in the US. So you would need to connect to a LimeVPN US server before creating a free FOXSports account.

If you are hung on sports and enjoy streaming a lot of sports games, then consider fuboTV. It would give you access to watching the super bowl and every other sports game at your convenience. It attracts a monthly subscription fee of $54.99 and gives you over 100 sports channels. The initial sign up gives you a 7-day free trial period and all you need to do is connect to a LimeVPN US server to gain access if you are not in the US.

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Football fans in Canada who are also TSN subscribers can watch the super bowl on TSN 1 Live. It’s not restricted to only TSN subscribers as others can create an account and get single-day access at 4.99 CAD. Of course, you will need to connect to a LimeVPN Canadian server to begin if you are not in Canada.

Those in the UK can watch the super bowl on BBC iPlayer. If you are outside the UK but want to watch through this platform, you will first need to connect to a LimeVPN UK server and have proof of a UK TV License.



The super bowl is a great game that every sports lover looks forward to, but access to live streaming isn’t available in every location due to geo-restriction. So how then do you watch the super bowl LIV live online? A VPN. with a VPN, you can connect to other locations and access the internet through their servers. So websites would think you are connecting from the other location and grant you access. Not all VPNs however provide you with the speed and level of anonymity that you need to stream a whole match without any problems. So if you are looking for the best performance, LimeVPN is highly recommended.