How to watch The Great British Bake Off online?

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The Great British Bake Off which is also referred to as Bake Off or sometimes GBBO is on its 9th season this year.  Although there is no definite and final date yet as to when the season will kick off, we know for a fact that your favorite baking competition will be back this year.

One of the show’s judges, Prue Leith, confirmed as much even before the end of the previous season. She tweeted, “Thrilled to say Paul, Noel Sandi & I will all be back! Do you want to join us?”

So definitely, the Great British Bake Off will come back with new amateur bakers who will compete for the judges’ favor and vote.

How to Watch the Great British Bake Off Online?

The Great British Bake Off

Before answering this important question, let’s see how the past seasons can be accessed.

The baking competition is produced by Love Productions. It’s first episode was aired through BBC Two, the same with the show’s season two to season four. Because of its popularity, BBC decided to transfer the airtime to BBC One, up until season 7.

For the Great British Bake Off season 8 (and the next 2 more seasons after it), the show will be aired through Channel 4. Love Productions signed a three-year contract with the said broadcasting network.

So for this year and the next couple of years, you can watch the Great British Bake Off on Channel 4. Because of the popularity of the show, the Great British Bake Off can also be seen in America and Canada. Even Hollywood personalities are following the British show.

If you are not from these countries – United Kingdom, United States, and Canada – you can watch the popular baking competition with a VPN.

If you access the show without a VPN, you will get an error message that says, “The content is not available in your region.” This is called geo-blocking or geo-restriction, and you can bypass this with the use of any VPN services.

We recommend that you watch the Great British Bake Off with LimeVPN for the following reasons:

  • LimeVPN makes use of military graded encryption that is very secured. Even your Internet Service Provider will not know what you are doing online.
  • LimeVPN has several servers all over the world. In the case of the Great British Bake Off, you would need a server that is located in either the United Kingdom, United States, or Canada. LimeVPN has servers in these countries.
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More on the Great British Bake Off

The show is basically about amateur bakers competing with each other to impress the judges. They need to bake a specific kind in each episode and present it to the judges. A contestant is eliminated in each round, until the finals where only one is selected as the winner.

The show has gained a lot of followers, and has even become an integral part of the British culture ever since it first aired in August 17, 2010. As a matter of fact, the show has helped rekindle people’s interest in the baking industry. Non winners of the show have built careers with baking, even after the show.

Another proof of the show’s popularity is that the Great British Bake Off has bred several spin-off shows. Many other countries have even purchased the rights to use the show’s format in their local shows.

Past Winners

Below is the list of past winners of the the Great British Bake Off, starting with the first ever person to take home the glory, Edd Kimber.

  • Edd Kimber, first season (2010)
  • Joanne Wheatley, second season (2011)
  • John Whaite, third season (2012)
  • Frances Quinn, fourth season (2013)
  • Nancy Birtwhistle, fifth season (2014)
  • Nadiya Hussain, sixth season (2015)
  • Candice Brown, seventh season (2016)
  • Sophie Faldo, eighth season (2017)

We know that millions of followers, including you, are very much excited to know who will join the list of Great British Bake Winners. You will know pretty soon, that’s for sure.

Contestants who joined the baking competition but did not emerge as winners have gone on to start their own career in the baking industry. The mere act of joining the popular competition have benefited their baking careers, ultimately making them winners as well.

Wait a few more months, and your favorite baking competition will be aired. Especially now that you know how to watch the Great British Bake Off live, from anywhere in the world.

In Conclusion

The Great British Bake Off is indeed a very successful show by Love Production. It is also a worthwhile investment for Channel 4, as the show has a very solid and wide fan base. Even people outside the United Kingdom, and even Hollywood personalities, are following every season of the show.

Like other popular shows, the Great British Bake Off is available and accessible only to people within a specific geographical location (United Kingdom, United States, and Canada in particular). Although this is disheartening for fans who are located outside these three countries, the good news is that there is a workaround.

You can still watch the Great British Bake Off anywhere. Yes, anywhere, even outside the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Watch the Great British Bake Off with LimeVPN, the best VPN provider.

A VPN works by allowing you to access a server that is located within the country that the show is available in. That way, your real IP address will be masked with say, a UK IP address. This will prompt Channel 4 and the digital platforms by which the Great British Bake Off is accessible, that you are physically in the United Kingdom. Thus, you will be given access to the show, practically bypassing the geographical restriction that the broadcasting company has employed.

Apart from the Great British Bake Off, you can also access other shows, videos, and movies, that are otherwise restricted in your area, if you subscribe to a VPN service provider such as LimeVPN. From now on, you don’t need to rely on social media for updates or wait for playbacks of your favorite shows. You can stream them live online through LimeVPN.