Watch The NBA Finals Live Online with LimeVPN

The NBA finals this year between the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat is one of the most anticipated and will get a lot of attention. You can describe it as a David vs Goliath battle as the Lakers made it to the top in the Western Conference, while the No. 5 seed had to beat two top-seeded teams in the Eastern Conference to be in the finals. What’s even more interesting is that it’s a rematch of LeBron James against the team and coach that got him his first title.

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1 . When to Watch The NBA Finals Live Online

2. Which Teams Are Playing in This Year’s Finals?

3. Watch The NBA Finals Live Online

4. You Can Watch The NBA Finals

Will the outcome be of LeBron and his teammate Anthony Davis dominating and bringing the record-tying 17th title to LA?  Or will Miami Heat keep up their reputation as the unbeatable underdogs? Get all the fun and action as you catch the NBA finals live online.

When to Watch The NBA Finals Live Online


The best-of-seven series matches would begin on 30th September 2020. The venue is the NBA bubble at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Disney World, Orlando. Note that the timers stated below are in Eastern Standard Time.

1 . First game: Wednesday, September 30, 9 pm

2. Second game: Friday, October 4, 9 pm

3. Third game: Sunday, October 4, 7:30 pm

4. Fourth game: Tuesday, October 6, 9 pm

5. Fifth game: Friday, October 9, 9 pm

6. Sixth game: Sunday, October 11, 7:30 pm

7. Seventh game: Tuesday, October 13, 9 pm

Note that the fifth, sixth, and seventh games would only hold if necessary.

Which Teams Are Playing in This Year’s Finals?


The finals for this year are between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. The Lakers are led by NBA greats in the persons of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, while the Heats are relying on the strengths and skills of Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, Goran Dragic, and their sharpshooters Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson.

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This would be LeBron’s 10th appearance in the finals while it’s the first time for Jimmy Butler. After bouncing from the Bulls to the Timberwolves and then to the 76ers, Jimmy finally got a team that he could lead.

Watch The NBA Finals Live Online


You may find it difficult to watch the NBA finals live online due to geo-restrictions on the content. But with the use of a trustworthy VPN like LimeVPN that gives you premium services, those blocks can’t stop you. LimeVPN helps you bypass blocks to your IP due to location, so that you can view any content of your choice. Your data and safety aren’t compromised in the process as LimeVPN ensures you are secure and anonymous.

Where You Can Watch The NBA Finals


There are different options from where you can stream the NBA finals live online.

Coming up top is ABC as it’s the exclusive home for NBA finals among other US TV. So you can catch every second of play on their site or their app. Even though you can stream some live shows for free on ABS, you will need to sign in through a participating TV provider to be able to stream the live match. It’s also important that you connect to any LimeVPN server in the US to gain access.

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You can also stream the match through Hulu + Live TV. Signing up requires you to use a credit card and it costs you $54.99 monthly. New users get a 7-day free trial period to make up their minds and you get over 65 channels of live content for free this period. If you are a lover of sport, you will have channels like NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, and the English premier league games available for you to stream live content. It’s also important to connect to a LimeVPN US server.

If you are a sports fan with an interesting game always-on, fuboTV is right for you as it will give you access to watch every game you want including the NBA finals. You only need to pay a monthly subscription of $54.99. new users get a one-week free trial period and just as always, connect to any of LimeVPN’s US servers to gain access.


The NBA finals are one of the most anticipated matches to watch, and in this age and time distance can’t be a barrier to watching the live match. It’s however impossible for some fans to watch the NBA finals live online due to their location as most streaming platforms are restricted to only those in the US. A VPN is your savior here as you get to connect to a different server in another country so that your sent requests now appear to be from the location you connected to. Doing this gives you access to geo-blocked content and allows you to stream your favorite live shows from wherever you are. You would need a premium VPN service of course, and highly recommended is LimeVPN.