How to watch the Winter Olympics 2018 Online?

Pyeong Chang

The word Olympics brings joy to all the sports lover. From the opening ceremony on 9th February till the closing ceremony on 25th February, we have and will be witnessing some amazing fireworks, performances and of course 102 events in 15 sports by almost 3000 athletes from 92 countries.From 1924 when the winter Olympics started, to 2018 i.e today, a lot of things have changed. From radio chatters to the jaw-dropping 4k resolution, the way we enjoy any event has been redefined.

What if we cannot travel to South Korea to enjoy the Olympics, today’s technology has the power to bring stadium like experience in our living room. We have home theaters, smart TV or streaming devices, Wifi, all these when come together can create an experience like never before.

Live streaming the Olympics:

There are numerous ways available for you to watch the games. Few are listed below:

NBC: If you are in the US, it’s pretty straightforward, just tune into NBC online or through their sports app. Also, keep in mind that you will need a cable subscription.




FuboTV: FuboTV will give you access to NBC without the need for a cable subscription but it is only available to US residents.




BBC iPlayer: For people from the UK, this is a good news as you will be able to watch it on BBC iPlayer provided you have a TV license. But BBC won’t show all the contents. For complete access, you will have to go for Eurosport which is the official broadcaster for the Olympics.


limevpn,bbc iplayer


Eurosport: As I mentioned earlier, Eurosport is the official broadcaster and is available in Europe. Although Eurosport is available in few other countries, it still cannot be accessed in countries like America, Canada or Australia.  




7Plus: 7Plus is an online streaming website which will be streaming winter Olympics live. According to their terms and conditions, you should be from Australia to access and view the contents.




All the above are various ways of watching the Olympics but have you noticed that although they provide you with the service, all come with some restrictions.These restrictions are in place due to various reasons, few of them being copyright issues, providers want to charge different prices according to the location, etc

The Ultimate Solution to Bypass Restrictions:

Suppose you are from US or UK, travelling to a country like China which is famous for its firewall. You would not be able to access websites like NBC or BBC iPlayer to watch your favourite event of the year; The Olympics.

There is, of course, a solution to it, which is using a VPN.

What VPN does is, it creates a secure tunnel between you and the website you are accessing and gives you an IP address of the country that you have connected to.  

So how does this help you in watching blocked contents? Actually, it’s pretty simple, consider you want to access 7Plus from China. When you access it directly it will come up with a message saying that it is unavailable in that region.

  • Now you need to connect to a LimeVPN server in Australia .
  • And then access the website in an incognito or private mode in your browser.

The reason for the private mode is because it will be like a fresh start, the browser won’t  check your past browsing history or cookies and will clear the newly created ones when you close the browser. This helps you with anonymity and better chances of unblocking the website.

For 7Plus the request will not be coming from China but from a VPN server or IP from Australia and so it will allow you access.

Same goes for all other websites, for NBC, connect to a US server, for BBC iPlayer, connect to a server in the UK. VPN not only allows you to have unrestricted access to the internet but also provides security by encrypting your connection.

Grab a VPN service and enjoy the Olympics! Cheers to internet freedom.