How to watch “UFC 226 DC vs Miocic”- July 7th – with VPN

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The real battle of the champions is on! Daniel Cormier (the current light heavyweight champion), also known as “DC”, will be fighting Stipe Miocic (the reigning heavyweight champion) in a main event in the Ultimate Fighting Championship match in the middle of this year – well, July 7, 2018 to be exact. The UFC fight night will be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

watch UFC 226 DC vs Miocic

We know that UFC fans out there can’t wait to witness this historical fight, and we are sure you want to watch it live. Read on for more information on how and where to watch UFC 226, and also for more tidbits about each fighter.

How to watch UFC 226 DC vs Miocic?

You can watch UFC 226 live on pay-per-view TV and online. You may also purchase a UFC fight pass and watch any UFC match you want, including main events such as Miocic’s fight against Cormier this July. These options, however, have certain geographical limitations. If you are in a country where there is a UFC fight pass blackout, then you won’t be able to watch UFC, or any main events in UFC fight nights live.

Countries subject to this blackout restriction include Canada, United States, Bolivia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Belize, Chile, Australia, Guyana, Guatemala, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Algeria, Honduras, Peru, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, India, and Venezuela. The best wat to bypass this blackout restriction is by using a virtual private network. Let us explore this option briefly.

Virtual Private Network

With a virtual private network, you can do away with the geographical restriction and watch UFC matches live. UFC fight pass are not blacked-out in certain countries such as Korea, Japan, and Indonesia to name a few. So if you are physically in these countries, you won’t have any problem watching UFC fight nights live. However, if you are not from these countries, just get vpn from us and connect to a server where UFC is available. This way, you will be able to watch UFC matches live with no problem at all since you will be bypassing the UFC blackouts.

The main benefit in using a vpn is your security and protection online. Your network traffic – meaning your internet activities – are protected. By using a vpn, all your data will be encrypted, making it difficult for even your internet service provider to know what you’re doing.

In Conclusion

UFC 226 Cormier vs Miocic is definitely a fight night to watch. It would really be great to watch it live and experience all the hype and energy that the super match will surely give. If you are in some place where there is a UFC fight pass blackout, there are actually ways to bypass it.

Getting a virtual private network is perhaps the best method to bypass such restriction as a vpn also keep your network traffic secure and protected. However, you can also opt to use a proxy but your data won’t be encrypted.