I’m in China/ Bahrain/ Iran/ Oman/ Belarus/ Burma/ Cuba/ Kuwait/ North Korea/ Qatar/ Saudi Arabia/ Syria/ United Arab Emirates/ Yemen/ Vietnam/ Uzbekistan/ Turkmenistan and other countries with censored Internet. Can LimeVPN help?

Yes, If you use VPN in China, Belarus, Burma, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and other countries with censored internet, LimeVPN will enable you to bypass internet service provider/government censorship and restrictions. You can enjoy internet without restrictions and access your favorite website like doing Facebook unblock, YouTube unblock, Twitter, Skype, etc.

Please make sure you are using one of the public DNS servers below on your computer/router in order to bypass DNS restrictions on your country.

As we said above you can basically access blocked sites from anythere in the world simply connected to a VPN server outside your censorship area.

Please contact us if you are still having issues connecting to LimeVPN locations.