How to improve the speed of VPN connection?

Improve the Speed of VPN 1

When it comes to browsing online, security and privacy are major concerns for majority of the users. If you are also concerned about your privacy and security, then a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) is a must-have for you. You might even come across some websites which you want to access but you can’t because of geo-restricted content. A VPN will allow you to access those websites as well.

First, we would like to share some stats regarding why people use VPNs the most.

GlobalWebIndex published a survey asking people why they use VPNs and the results are as following:

  •         31% said they use VPN to browse anonymously.
  •         30% said they use VPN to access content from sources like YouTube and Netflix.
  •         27% responded they use VPN to access websites that are restricted in their country.
  •         26% answered that they use VPN because they want to access restricted content at work.
  •         25% were using VPN to communicate with their family and friends who live abroad.

So you can get the idea of what are the uses of a VPN. Now, most of the VPN users also complained about having certain speed loss while browsing through websites. So the question arises that how can you maintain your security and privacy and keep the same internet speed by using a VPN? We will be discussing the same issues here.

Before trying to find the answer to this question, first, we have to understand how a VPN works.

So a VPN creates a connection between your computer and a server location of your choice and makes it secure. It allows you to connect to the location site of your choice with encrypted data. For example, you are sitting at home in China and want to connect to a server in Australia. A VPN allows you to create that connection and browse anonymously on your intended site. It will show the website that the connection is coming from Australia. Same is the case when you want to access geo-restricted content.

So as a VPN is a sort of encrypted tunnel, it can lead to slowing your internet. There can be many reasons for this slowdown, and some of them are discussed below:

  •         Your location
  •         Security Protocols used
  •         Type of encryption used

These factors can contribute to affect your internet speed. The good news is that these are easily fixable. We will talk about how you can improve the speed of your VPN connection.

There are many VPN providers available in the market so choosing one might be a difficult task for you. There are some factors which should be kept in mind while deciding which VPN provider to choose. LimeVPN is one of the best VPN available in the market. We are taking into account the following factors when we say LimeVPN the best option available.

The speed of the VPN:

The first thing that everyone looks for is a fast VPN. LimeVPN is the fastest VPN available in the market. It is mainly the result of their reliable VPN servers.

Cheap VPN Services:

Another factor that is considered by the majority of the population is to get cheap VPN services. You don’t want to choose a VPN that’s too costly, and LimeVPN again outshines the competition because of its cheap VPN services.

Now, let’s discuss some techniques which can help to increase the speed of your VPN connection.

1.  Checking your internet speed:

internet speed

It is a possibility that your internet speed without the VPN might be slow. It means your VPN connection is not to be blamed. So you should first check the speed of your internet without the VPN. There are many websites and software which allow you to monitor the speed of your internet connection. LimeVPN with the help of their effective VPN servers does its best to cope up with the slow speed of the internet and deliver the best experience for their customers.

2.  Restart your Modem:


There are many instances where the slow internet is fixed by just a good old restart of the router. A router/modem can slow down internet due to memory leaks.

3.  Choose different VPN Server Location:

vpn server location

Your internet might slow down if you choose a VPN server location which is too distant from your original location. So connecting to the VPN server closer to your location will result in a fast VPN. You can always fiddle around to see which location suits you the best. LimeVPN is very effective in this regard. They have VPN servers available in almost every country and city. So if you are experiencing slow speeds while being connected to one server, then you have the ability to choose from many other VPN servers available in LimeVPN.

4.  Turn off Firewall:

Fire wall

Firewalls and other local security software can slow your VPN. You can temporarily disable these tools and check if that increases the speed of your VPN connection. Firewalls and other software can continuously filter and scan outgoing data which can cause the VPN to slow down. It’s recommended that you block them on a temporary basis to see if they are affecting your internet speed or not. LimeVPN is not marked spam by any firewall and software so you will not face any issue of this sort.

5.   Use a Wired Connection:

wired connection

A shared channel is used by wireless connections to transmit data. It can slow your VPN. A wired connection can increase the rate at which your VPN encrypts and transmits data.

6.  Change VPN Protocols:

vpn protocols

Changing VPN protocols can lead to increasing the speed of the VPN. OpenVPN is generally considered as the best VPN protocol but sometimes switching to L2TP/IPSec will give you a boost in your VPN speed. By choosing the cheap VPN service that LimeVPN provides, you will have the access to the following protocols:

  •         PPTP
  •         OpenVPN
  •         L2TP\IPsec
  •         SSTP
  •         Softether

So you will have more options to choose from when you are facing slow speeds. So these are the techniques that you can use to improve the speed of your VPN connection.