How to Install VPN on Kodi

VPN for Kodi

In a world where you need to pay for everything, especially for entertainment, Kodi comes to your rescue with its open source media player with a ton of plugins. You can use these plugins to stream movies, audio playback, Live TV, and much more. 3rd-party nonaffiliated Kodi add-ons allow streaming of free content from various sources that overwise would have cost you a lot of money. Install VPN on Kodi to circumvent restrictions and stream freely.

Kodi and VPN: Watch Movies for Free

Kodi is open source. It comes with a bunch of issues, mostly related to watching streaming copyrighted content unlawfully. Watching movies for free might not be a big of a deal in some parts of the globe but can cause problems to a lot of users in countries with strict copyright laws.

This is where VPN comes to your rescue and aids you in bypassing such restriction. Install VPN on Kodi to protect yourself from ISP monitoring and government surveillance so that you could watch movies for free without repercussions.

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One of the most asked questions on the internet today about Kodi is that if it is legal or not. The less complicated answer is that Kodi is completely legal. But when you dig a bit more, you will understand that Kodi is an open source application and it is possible to stream copyrighted content over it.

If a user is holding to the approved Kodi add-ons, that is totally legal. On the converse, 3rd-party, nonaffiliated add-ons allow free content from various sources that are considered unlawful in a lot of countries. Install VPN on Kodi to hide your nonaffiliated add-ons from your ISP monitoring.

Stopping these 3rd party add-ons is nearly impossible because of the fact that Kodi is open source, even if one add-on is removed from the repository, similar new add-ons will be created again in no time.

With more than 38 million users, Kodi is by far the most used home entertainment software.

Why Use VPN Service for Kodi

A VPN is needed to get the most out of Kodi and to experience unlimited streaming. It will just increase the entertainment already given by Kodi. I have listed a few of the reasons why to use VPN service for Kodi below:

  • Overcome geo-restriction.
  • Avoid surveillance by government agencies & internet provider.
  • Some add-ons can be restricted based on location, unblock Kodi add-ons

It is common to encounter an inaccessible add-on when it comes to Kodi. The only reason being is geo-restrictions which do not permit anyone outside of a particular location to stream using certain add-ons. Nonetheless, with a VPN for Kodi, you can stream geo-blocked add-ons with ease.

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Using VPN for Kodi is very similar to what you do to unblock websites on the internet. So all you need is a VPN server the addon is available from and start streaming. For example, if you try to access BBC iPlayer addon without a VPN, you will get an error saying “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK”

To bypass this, just connect to LimeVPN’s server

You will finally be able to access the geo-blocked addon and can enjoy streaming!

How to Install VPN Manager for OpenVPN – Kodi VPN Setup

The best way to install VPN on Kodi is by setting up the VPN Manager and then configuring VPN using OpenVPN directly inside the Kodi software. Follow the below steps to complete the setup:

How to install VPN for Kodi
Step-by-step guide on how to install VPN on Kodi

Using the above method, you can install a VPN on Kodi, usually helps when you are using it on a smart TV.

Below are a few easy ways to get a VPN for Kodi running on different platforms.

How to use VPN for Android Kodi

Step 1: Configure VPN on your Android device using PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP or IKEv2.
Step 2: Verify if the IP address has changed.
Step 3: Any application running on an Android device will now use a VPN connection. So you can now open Kodi and use it.

Using Kodi with VPN on iOS

Step 1: Configure VPN on your iOS device using L2TP, IKEv2 or OpenVPN.
Step 2: Verify if the IP address has changed.
Step 3: Any application running on an iOS device will now use a VPN connection. So just open Kodi and use it.

Using Kodi with VPN on Mac

Step 1: Configure VPN on your Mac using L2TP, IKEv2 or OpenVPN
Step 2: Verify if the IP address has changed.
Step 3: Any application running on Mac will now use a VPN connection. Just open Kodi and use it.

Using Kodi with VPN on Windows

Step 1: Configure VPN on your Windows PC using PPTP, SoftEther, L2TP,  OpenVPN or IKEv2.
Step 2: Verify if the IP address has changed.
Step 3: Any application running on your PC will now use a VPN connection. So now you can open Kodi and use it.

How to Add Channels on Kodi?

Alike various other open-source programs, Kodi does not come pre-loaded with a  library. Setting up channels on Kodi is another thing that you can learn to get the most out of it.

Mentioned below are the simple steps you can follow to add channels to your Kodi device.

1 .Open Kodi.

2. In the main menu, scroll to Videos from the left side. You will see “File”, “Playlists” and “Video add-ons”. Click on Video Add-ons.

3. After clicking Video Add-ons a window with various add-ons will appear.

4. Scroll to the lower-left corner of the screen and click on the options icon.

5. In the options panel, click Get More. You will see various broadcasting channels for online streaming. Select the channel you wish to add to Kodi library.

6. In the add-on installation dialogue box, click on Install.

7. The add-on will download automatically, and you will see a tick mark on the channel’s name.

8. Once it’s installed, click Open.

It is now ready for streaming.

This way you can install a lot of other channels like ESPN, ET Canada, BBC, MTV, Fox News, Disney Channel to name a few.

Using a VPN with Kodi: Avoid Restrictions & Censorship

Kodi media player is now one of the perfect entertainment software, offering a wide range of content like movies, TV shows, live sports, live IPTV channels and much more. What makes Kodi stand out is the support of third-party add-ons and the fact that it is open source.

Although you may face issues like geo-restriction, a VPN will help you get around it.

Cheapest VPN for Kodi

For a seamless Kodi experience, use LimeVPN which is known for its support for Kodi. With a range of 15+ servers located around the world, LimeVPN is the best VPN for Kodi in 2019. On top of that LimeVPN is a cheap VPN that cost only $1 per month. buy vpn now!

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