VPN ensures Complete Privacy when using Kodi for Unhindered Access to Online Entertainment


During the lockdowns imposed across large parts of the world as governments and administrations struggle to combat COVID19, the demand for video streaming services has gone up many more times. As people stay confined at homes, strictly adhering to the lockdown norms, they are looking for more options to enjoy digital content to keep them entertained. 

Surveys have shown a remarkable uptick in the number of consumers of video streaming services as people take to binge-watching, which is the best way to spend time indoors, especially for those who are not working from home during the lockdown.

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1. What is Kodi?

2. Kodi is extremely versatile

3. Expand your viewing options with Kodi

4. Kodi compatibility

5. Kodi legality

The surge in demand for video streaming services has multiplied the choices for viewers. They can find many more alternatives besides the giants like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu as several services like Disney+, Apple TV, Sling TV, Quibi, Sling TV, and T-Mobile TVision Home are now available. 

But all these channels are subscription-based, and nothing is free except for the free trial for a few days for new subscribers. Luckily, given the pandemic, some companies have extended the period of free trial to attract consumers.

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The rising popularity of video streaming services has added a new dimension to digital entertainment by providing more options. However, you would still have your collection of movies, music, photos, and television shows, which are part of your digital repertoire.

To manage your collection of digital entertainment programs, you must make use of some media players like Kodi that you can install on your system.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is open-source software that made its appearance two decades ago when people knew it by the name Xbox Media Center or XBMC that was meant for Microsoft Xbox. Over the years, XBMC has gone through many transformations before appearing in its present form as Kodi.

Being open-source, Kodi is free, and installing the app on your device gives you the best options to view TV shows and movies, listen to your favorite music, and catch up with your favorite sports. For viewing all kinds of sports without any restrictions, you must install Kodi Sport Add-on so that you can catch up with all major sporting events across the world from NBA to NFL and from motorsports to Premier League and any other sport of your choice.


Kodi is extremely versatile

Kodi turns any computer, smartphone, or any other mobile device into a set-top box that behaves like a streamer and enables users to stream files from the internet, local storage, or home network. No matter where you store your digital entertainment collection, you can easily access it with Kodi.

Moreover, Kodi allows you to manage your digital library, which can become a daunting task to do manually as your collection grows. Besides storing your files in a directory structure, Kodi will help you achieve a variety of tasks like keeping track of where you left off while watching a video, resuming from a specific spot, storing movie trailers, movie summaries, storing episodes or just a playlist to play those files that you want.


Expand your viewing options with Kodi

Kodi sets users free from the hassles of licensing that happens with Chromecast2, Apple TV, and Amazon Firestick, and you need to visit an app store to download it. Kodi opens the gateway for downloading a vast range of add-ons or plugins created by the open-source community to access and watch whatever you like. 

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The highly user-friendly interface that Kodi is, it provides an unmatched viewing experience with endless options of accessing all types of content by overcoming all restrictions.


Kodi compatibility

The media center software is easy to download. Kodi is so versatile that you can download it on every device that you can imagine, from computers, TVs, smartphones to tablets, and media players.  It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems from Android to Windows and from Linux to Mac OS and even the microcomputer Raspberry P1. But for iOS users, the process is a bit complicated, and it would require jailbreaking the device before downloading the Kodi app.

Game enthusiasts would benefit a lot by using Kodi to access games that are otherwise not available in their location. Sony PlayStation (PS) games are location-specific, and it often baffles players who are unable to have free access to all kinds of games of their choice.

Any gamer who is familiar with Play Station would be missing a lot if not using PS because the PlayStation is more than gaming – it is incredibly useful for streaming purposes. When paired with Kodi, its enjoyment goes up many more times. Apart from the high-class HD games, Kodi users can stream live media through the console.


Kodi legality

That Kodi helps to stream films, TV shows, and sports for free raises some questions about its legality, but you should know that Kodi is legal. No one will put you in jail for using Kodi, but the problem arises from using add-ons, which users prefer to include new features that greatly enhance viewing pleasure.

Kodi add-ons are available in plenty, with each assuring some special features that can give access to restricted and copyright content. The origin of many add-ons is suspicious, and its use can infringe on the laws and put you on the wrong side of the law. Therefore, be careful in choosing only authentic Kodi add-ons over third-party add-ons, even if it means compromising on some aspects but will give you peace of mind.

However, it is difficult to identify which add-on is bad and which is good.  Instead, use free VPN for PS4, which is compatible with Kodi to ensure complete privacy when enjoying your favorite programs on the web. Using a VPN service ensures complete privacy in viewing as it conceals your IP address and does not leave any trace of your internet browsing habits.

Due to discrete viewing, there is no fear of anyone tracking you online.

No matter how you use Kodi to access restricted content, you stay completely protected from anyone knowing about it, and it increases the pleasure of viewing many more times.

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