IS LimeVPN – A Secured VPN?

limevpn a seurerd vpn

As with any technology, there is always a positive and negative part. The affirmative side of the internet is marvelous, since internet users are able to do all sorts of transactions and other online activities.

You can simply check your mails, check your bank account status, and chat with friends on social media among other things. The adverse side is the huge security risk now postured to so many internet users. The security threat is mainly posed by hackers and other cybercriminals who ensure that your system is heavily infected with spywares, and viruses among things. Basically, there are various ways of solving the problem. However, we are offering you a simple, worthwhile solution, which is a VPN. LimeVPN provides the best VPN tool you need to deal with internet insecurity.

This Virtual Private Network (LimeVPN) is infinitely scalable, noticeably flexible and incredible cost saver. It can help you surf and connect with your online accounts and social media from anywhere in the world. By leveraging the connective power of the internet, LimeVPN does offer tremendous opportunities for expansive as well as cost-effective connectivity. LimeVPN conceals all the traffic that goes over it to guarantee that all the information is encrypted. The VPN keeps your identity a secret by masking your real IP address and providing you with anonymous IP address. This is highly significant, because it maintains your anonymity.

It is never easy to access your most desired show, including BBC, HBO or ShowTime. This is particularly so if you are residing outside the United States or the United Kingdom.The only available option for you is to engage the most dangerous sites, which are most definitely a threat to your system. These sites are used by hackers among other online criminals to breach your system firewall and to disarm system anti-virus. You need not to worry anymore, because LimeVPN offers you the most pertinent solution. With the incorporation of Smart DNS technology, LimeVPN provides you with a way to connect to the best geo-restricted websites, such as Netflix and BBC.

Smart DNS technology ensures that you are connected to over a hundred geo-restricted sites without interfering with your internet security and surfing speed. In addition, you can always have access to sites by using your mobile devices. LimeVPN provides you with safer downloads by ensuring that you are not importing malicious elements from the internet. You do not have to worry about ISP regulating because LimeVPN has special servers positioned strategically across the globe. Therefore, you can always download your favorite music and videos and still stay anonymous.

If you are serious about privacy, security and anonymity; then you should visit LimeVPN site and consider signing up. The software has application for Mac and Windows and there are no settings that you are required to configure manually when using the stated operating systems. Generally, LimeVPN offers you the following in addition to anonymous web surfing: 24/7 support, over six thousand IPs, eight locations; 256-bit resolute encryption, high speed VPN; and the following protocols – Softether, OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP and PPTP.