Net Neutrality and your privacy

Net Neutrality

Which action would you choose?

Having access to everything present online or having to pay a price to what you want to see online?

The latter would pull your attention towards it more with the assumption that the stricter the action the better privacy, you should know that your assumption isn’t quite the way you should be going.

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1 . What do you mean by ‘Net Neutrality’?

2. Why should you support ‘Net Neutrality’?

The online world hosts a pool of activities. From accessing information to building an empire, the online world is the best place for anyone to know, learn and explore multiple things.

Despite such an advantage, why is the online platform still being restricted? 

The law of ‘Net Neutrality’ is still under a puzzle. Such a law is looking at ways which this content aims for you to understand, which is making the online world a free place for anyone and everyone to access anything they wish to see.

Why should ‘Net Neutrality’ be supported by you?

Let’s give you the details.

What do you mean by ‘Net Neutrality’?

Net Neutrality refers to letting content and any other information online to be accessible to every user no matter who they are or where they are from. There should be no interference of any ISP’s and that they should ensure that internet traffic should be conducted equally to all. 

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This clearly states that you can ignore notifications such as ‘this video can’t be viewed by your region and much more similar lines anymore. However, in 2017, the Federal Communication Commission, decide to eliminate this rule and thus the debate of this law’s existence is still undergoing.

Matt Pinsker a professor of Homeland Security at Virginia Commonwealth University stated how an interruption in this law can affect users privacy,


“It means a decrease in privacy because ISP’s will have the option to determine the type of media you are accessing, as well as logging not only what you access but how often. If they want to create a price to access adult content, then internet users would have to out themselves as “porn users” by paying a special fee to access adult content. ISP’s could apply this not just to adult content, but to any content such as email, videos, or news. It could even go further where ISP’s could charge different rates if you want to access conservative or liberal online resources, and users would again have to out themselves by opting to pay in order to have access.”


In layman’s terms, if you support your decision for ‘Net Neutrality’ it’s not just the content or other information you will have access to matters, your privacy too will simultaneously matter as well.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can see anything you want without any eye watching you?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could view any information you want?

Wouldn’t your life be easier when you have the right solutions in front of you and you can enhance your online activities better?

Above all, wouldn’t it be great if you had to give no details of your identity?

Isn’t this the privacy that you expect. If you do, support in the action of making ‘Net Neutrality’ a law mandatory for every user present.

You need this law and the reasons area clarification for all your doubts.

Why should you support ‘Net Neutrality’?

1. No interference

The number one reason why you need to support Net Neutrality is that no ISP can ever interfere in your actions. There is no one to monitor what you do or even question you on why you are accessing such a page. The Net Neutrality stresses more on the equal running of internet traffic which clearly states that if you were ever restricted from viewing any video just because you were not in the relevant region, that is never going to happen.

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This is great because there have been so many times where users like you would like to access information for the well being of your actions but are not allowed to just because an ISP has banned you from doing so. With Net Neutrality, this isn’t the issue anymore.

2. Let’s brands grow

Another reason to support this law is that for businesses that also include the small evolving ones, can benefit from such an advantage. You have the ability to watch what your peers are doing, how are they performing, the reviews, testimonials and so much more. This can all contribute to enhancing your solution better and grow well in the market.

3. Freedom of speech, expression is practiced

Another reason to support Net Neutrality is that it gives users like you to speak what’s on your mind. You are allowed to share, read and write controversial things that were previously banned. This can help the audience to understand more about their surroundings and take action on the bases of the complete truth.  

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For instance, a man suffering from a medical condition can read and understand the complete detail of the sickness and work on getting recovered just the way it should be. 

4. Illegal actions are still taken care of 

If you are worried that just because you now have an open internet option, does that mean that illegal activities or activities will not be monitored, then you are wrong. While Net neutrality gives you the leverage to view anything online, it also ensures that no illegal actions are being encountered. 


The online world is growing to become the hub for anyone to access anything they want. Whether it is information or videos or movies, the rise in the online platform has made it as a dependable hub for a user like you to get what they want in a single click.

While Net Neutrality ensures that your privacy remains unshaken, add an extra layer of protection by using a reliable VPN service. With a VPN service, users are ensured that no identity is being revealed and that accessing anything online is not monitored by anybody.

So, what are your views on Net Neutrality? Do you agree with what the article explained on this topic?