New releases for Canada Netflix May 2016

Netfllix new releases may 2016

Table of Content

1 . What shows can we expect?

2. What movies will be on Netflix in May?

3. How can you watch all this content outside of Canada?

There are quite a few interesting things that expect us in May 2016 on Netflix in Canada. Netflix still grows rapidly each month and the content is getting better as the number of users increase. Let’s take a look now at the most interesting.

What shows can we expect?

The most important show coming on Canadian Netflix is Lady Dynamite. In this comedy, Maria Bamford portrays herself and what she was going through in the past. Although it is a comedy it goes beyond that, blending in certain surreal elements.

The second new series is called Marseille which stars the legendary Gerard Depardieu as a mayor of the city who enters a war of succession with Benoir Magimel. The series will be premiered on May the 5th. The famous French actor gained a lot of fans all over the world, and since the show will be in French, the subscribers from Canada whose native language is French will be able to enjoy it.

What movies will be on Netflix in May?

The list here is quite big and some of the movies worth mentioning are:

  • Fantastic four (May 1st) – four Marvel’s superheroes, each having a unique power, fight evil. (Hope you didn’t miss this)
  • Edge of Tomorrow (May 7th) – Tom Cruise experiences a certain anomaly with time in the distant future, making him re-live the same situation over and over again.
  • Bridge of Spies (May 17th) – Spielberg’s Academy award winning Cold War drama about a Russian spy and an American lawyer who protect him.
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (May 13th) – Tom Cruise once again takes a role of the special secret agent Ethan Hunt who must use all his skills to debunk secret organizations and evil plans.

How can you watch all this content outside of Canada?

If you happen to be currently outside Canada, or you permanently reside in the rest of the world, you might encounter a problem of not being able to watch content that Netflix offers for the subscribers in Canada. How can you solve that problem?

One of the main ways of solving it is to get an IP which will be located in Canada, thus making Netflix think that you actually are in that country currently. In order to get dedicated IP, you need to use VPN provider such as LimeVPN. The dedicated IP which will be given to you is clean and fresh, without the possibility of being blacklisted anywhere. Furthermore, even if the Internet provider gives you dynamic IPs, this one will remain static. Apart from the IP, you will also get many other benefits that LimeVPN has to offer in its packages.

In other words, you will present yourself as if you were from Canada, and Netflix will let you watch Canadian content as much as you want.

To sum up, Canadian Netflix offers great content and the month of May will be great when it comes to movies and shows. If you want to be a part of that and you are not in Canada, try getting a Canadian IP via LimeVPN.