Pornhub Launched Unlimited Free VPN — What is the Real Price for VPN HUB

porn hub vpn

Do you know that Pornhub has launched the unlimited free VPN which is known as VPNhub? VPN hub’s primary customer attracting point that they keep on showcasing is their services as free. But is Pornhub VPN free?

The reality is entirely different and at the same time very ugly. On the website, the so-called Free Pornhub VPN has cunningly mentioned that the VPN is free only for a week. After seven days of trial, you will be billed $13.99 per month or $6.99 per month if you choose the annual plan, which is far more expensive when compared to other paid VPNs.

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1 . Advantages of VPNhub

2. Disadvantages of VPNhub

3. Is Pornhub VPN worth it?

Does the Pornhub’s VPN really have the Free plan? More importantly, is your data safe with the world’s largest internet pornography syndicate? Let’s find out.

pornhub vpn is not free

Not a FREE VPN after all

To get an accurate picture of VPNhub in terms of user experience and VPNhub’s trustworthiness on a technical level, we used the freemium version of VPNhub. After checking all the available options, we have prepared the following list of the advantages and disadvantages of using VPNhub.

Advantages of VPNhub

No Leaks. On testing VPNhub on websites like and, we found that none of the websites found any leaks while using VPNhub.

pornhub vpn is not free

Pornhub VPN

pornhub vpn

Pornhub VPN IP checkup

pornhub vpn DNS leak test

Pornhub VPN leak test

Works on all major platforms. VPNhub is compatible with almost all leading platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Torrenting is only possible with paid VPNhub plan. Pornhub provides port forwarding feature for its premium users.

18 worldwide VPN-server locations. VPNhub has around 826 servers distributed in18 different countries. These servers are available for Premium plan only,

Disadvantages of VPNhub

Not for every device. Doesn’t work with Linux (people on Linux are least concerned about stuff like that).

Only mobile apps have a freemium option. But you have to consistently not agree for the free trial for four times. It has only one free server, and I was not able to connect to it.

The only paid option is available for desktop. You will need a costly premium package to run it on windows or mac.

Only one VPN server is available for free. The free version has only one server, to be precise only one server is accessible on the free plan, and only one protocol is available for free i.e. IKEv2.

Not so good jurisdiction location. VPNhub is developed by AppAtomic Limited, whose headquarters located in Nicosia, Cyprus, which is not at all a good jurisdiction location for any VPN company. Appatomic can examine any personal information in the United States. You should know that the United States is a member of 5 Eyes Jurisdiction known as FVEY.

FVEY is an agreement between the big nations, namely the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand which states that the country’s surveillance agency has all the legal rights to access data present in their network in those respective countries. Moreover, FVEY countries can also demand data from their cooperative members.

Buggy feature. They provide a fantastic functionality of Auto Reconnect and Kill Switch in the settings. But surprisingly their Kill Switch feature doesn’t work at all. The Internet doesn’t work when Kill Switch is ON. Only after unchecking it internet starts working. Maybe just because of this buggy feature they have not mentioned this feature on their website. Other than this they have a lot of bugs. Below are some of the reviews.

1. Kevin Houghton

March 16, 2019

“Pros: As a VPN, it works well, simple, and it’s free(ish). Cons: Has some bugs when turning off the program if not done from the main GUI, notification of active VPN network occasionally causes bugs as well. And lastly once you hit a certain data limit you are throttled back on the network, hence the “free(ish)” comment.”

2. Dave Jackson

February 23, 2019

Not a good program if I’m continually receiving popups. Uninstalling.

Weird logging policy. VPNhub says that they don’t log customers data or browsing history. But, is that the truth? While opening their application for the first time, they give an option to allow or restrict VPNhub to receive your advertiser ID. But, if you turn it off, they may degrade the quality of service, which clearly shows how good user experience they are providing.

For those of you who don’t know, Advertisers ID is a unique ID that tracks your browsing habits. Moreover, it can be used to target ads to you. Few things that we got to know after going through VPNhub’s privacy policy are: they agree that they record some of your personal information and it can be accessed by an employee who needs to perform their job related to this data.

pornhub vpn

It was still okay until we discovered a dangerous one, which says they accept that they cannot guarantee your personal details will not be shared or viewed by others, which indicates that they are not taking any legal responsibility for any damages that may occur. Pornhub’s partner IPVanish got caught for logging everything when recently a court published document revealed how IPVanish logged and produced a real IP address, full name, username, EOB date, connection sites, connection timestamps, and disconnection timestamps in front of a court.

Not free. VPNhub’s primary customer attracting point that they keep on showcasing their services as free. The reality is entirely different and at the same time very ugly.  FREE only works for mobile with lots of Ads. After seven days of trial, you will be billed $13.99 per month or $6.99 per month if you choose the annual plan, which is far more expensive when compared to other paid VPNs.

Speed Issues.  On performing internet speed test with the free version, we found that speed decreased drastically by approximately around 86%.


pornhub vpn

Pornhub VPN


pornhub vpn

Pornhub VPN speed


All the good features are available only with Premium version. After clicking on any feature with the free version, you will be redirected to the purchase page.

pornhub vpn

Pornhub VPN


pornhub vpn

Pornhub VPN


the real price fro pornhub vpn: Ads, limited speed and servers

Pornhub free VPN feal costs


Is Pornhub VPN worth it?

After going through the article, it is straightforward that when you use a free VPN like VPNhub (which is not even free, yearly plan costs $84), you compromise your online privacy and security unknowingly with your own hands. VPNhub’s free unlimited bandwidth plan is very appealing, but potential privacy issues, weird logging policy and their application full of bugs make it least reliable. It is also true that not all paid VPNs are 100% trustworthy and secure, but with a little research, you will find reliable VPN services like LimeVPN that give you a highly secure internet experience at an affordable price of 24$ for 24 months.