Privacy Badger vs Ghostery – Which Is The Best For Privacy & Security

ghostery vs privacy badger

There are many browser extensions that promise to provide privacy and security. This just goes to show that people are truly on the lookout for solutions that can make their internet experience a lot more secure. Two of the browser extensions that are making a lot of noise these days are Privacy Badger and Ghostery.

This article will give you a glimpse of these two popular extensions, and will hopefully help you decide which of them is the best choice for privacy and security. Privacy Badger vs Ghostery? Which one should you use?

Before we begin though, let us first establish that the ultimate protection for internet users is by encrypting all of the data that you send and receive in your network. Encryption is the most powerful way to protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized people.

This is not too difficult to do as all you need is a VPN or Virtual Private Network. A VPN encrypts the data packets that come and go through your network. In addition, it requires you to connect to another server first before finally connecting to the server of the website you want to access. By doing this, you will have a different IP address, and your real IP address will be hidden.

Now that we have the ultimate solution to privacy and security covered, let’s go back to the two browser extensions: Privacy Badger and Ghostery.

Privacy Badger

privacy badger vs ghostery

Privacy Badger is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It was developed by Electronic Frontier Foundation to block spying ads and invisible trackers. It is a browser add-on that stops anyone from tracking your online activities, specifically advertisers. The fact that it was developed by an organization whose main advocate is online privacy gives Privacy Badger an advantage over all other extensions and add-ons.

EFF developed Privacy Badger in order to provide a holistic and unbiased solution to users’ privacy issues.  While you are browsing the internet, Privacy Badger is on the lookout for suspicious trackers. The add-on will defend you against these trackers by blocking them automatically.



privacy badger vs ghostery

Ghostery pretty much works the same way as Privacy Browser. However, it does not automatically block the suspicious trackers. Instead, it allows you to choose what to do with these trackers. It is an effective way to stop advertisers from tracking your online habits.

Ghostery also has a friendly user interface that is easy to navigate and understand. It further allows you to avoid lag issues as it limits the loading of spying ads and trackers that actually reduces the speed of your browsing. Because of this, you can focus more on the content you want to access with minimal distractions.

Wrapping Up

When you do a Google search for browser add-ons or extensions for privacy and security, you will be barraged with more than twenty choices. These choices almost always include the two add-ons that we talked about in this article, because Privacy Badger and Ghostery are among the best browser add-ons.

Privacy Badger has more reliability though because its developer is a known advocate of online privacy and security. Ghostery, on the other hand, has plus points when it comes to making your browsing experience faster.

The choice between the two is ultimately yours. However, keep in mind that either of the two will give you privacy only when you are using the browser you added them to. They will not protect you when you are using other browsers and applications.

If you want a holistic protection when using your computer or device, a VPN is the best solution. Everything you will do in the internet through your device will be secured, and protection is not limited to a browser.