How to protect your online privacy with a vpn?

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The term Virtual Private Network or VPN refers to a number of computers remotely linked together via the internet. The main advantage of a VPN is that it allows internet users from all around the world to access networks that are restricted and not open to regular internet users.

All of the users connected to a virtual private network may replicate the behavior of a LAN network, where computers are connected to a single server. However, this is not the real case. Users on a VPN use a regular internet connection in a more encrypted way.

VPNs and Privacy:

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Consider VPNs as a secure pathway between a user and his desired destination over the internet. That is why virtual private networks were introduced in the first place.

When a user sends information via this path to the desired location on the web, it is not visible to anyone who does not have access to the path i.e any user from outside the VPN. This keeps the communication over a VPN secure.

One essential use of a VPN is to get your hands on an organization’s resources that are protected and not accessible to users from outside the organization.

Also, in regions where a particular website is blocked, a VPN can offer assistance to users. It allows users to visit the blocked website under a virtual identity. The VPN tricks the website into believing that the user is accessing it from an open region which may be anywhere in the world.


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Another significant advantage of using a VPN is that it keeps you safe from cyber-attacks, especially threats where you may end up compromising your privacy.

Many internet users have concerns about their privacy, thinking that their online activities may be followed by a third party, leaving them worried about their personal information.

Any user on the internet who may try to access your information while you’re connected to a windows vpn will only see unrelated and garbage data. This is because all communication over a VPN is encrypted, making it secure from outside threats. So no one can monitor your traffic, steal your credentials or fetch your data without permission as long as you’re connected to the internet through a virtual private network.

This feature comes in handy whenever you’re accessing the internet through a public connection. It may be a Wi-Fi or any network that you’re new to, all your data will be encrypted, making it inaccessible to anyone controlling that network.

The level of protection that VPNs offer is beneficial for many services like online shopping, internet banking and all your social media activity. Once a user is connected to a VPN server through a protected connection, seemingly, the VPN server will be visiting all the websites that you visit. Hence, your real network location is protected by all means.


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Using an encrypted gateway while you surf the web is necessary for this era, where malware has become so advanced. Encryption makes sure that every activity you perform, the data you transfer and all the transactions you make over the internet are secured from cyber threats.

Encryption has multiple levels of security that it provides. The more complex algorithms have lower chances of being decrypted. So it is a good practice to keep your internet activity protected whether it’s via Windows or an Android device.

Having a decent anti-virus alongside your VPN doubles the chances of your data’s protection while you’re on the web.

VPN servers have made vital improvements in the past years. Most VPN solutions these days allows users to choose the region of their liking from all over the world as their virtual location.

VPN offers cost savings:

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Having a virtual private network along with enhanced internet protection also saves a considerable amount of money for the company. It can be done in various ways:

  •         No transmission required over leased lines.
  •         It decreases the costs of all long distance calls made by the company.
  •         It decreases additional cyber protection costs.

VPN Network Scalability:

vpn network scalability

The expenses a company has to bear while initiating a virtual private network are fair. However, as the company progresses and grows with time, the costs rise somewhat exponentially.

For example, consider a national organization that has two offices in different locations. You’ll have to support the network with one dedicated line. However, if there are four offices in different locations, they’ll require six separate lines to create a network.

Virtual private networks that deal with this issue by utilizing the spare network capability available on public lines for their benefit. Especially when it comes to merging remote locations, VPN gives better reach and superior quality communication.

Using Search Engines without being on record:

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Many of you might not know this, but all of the famous search engines like Google and Bing keep a record of every search query generated against your IP address. These search logs are kept against your system’s IP address and are later used by online advertising campaigns to market any product that may relate to your internet searches.

This record of online searches can aid towards security improvements, but it also puts your personal information at risk. For example, no one would like Google to store their searches regarding “anger management issues” and “divorce lawyers.” Getting a VPN offers a clear getaway towards keeping private searches.

Privacy for both Windows and Android:

priacy for windows and android


VPN solutions keep your private information secured whether you’re accessing the web from your computer or any Android device. An android vpn can be reasonably productive for you if you surf the web via your Smartphone or tablet. Limevpn is a good example.

Cheap VPN services these days are offered in different packages. Some premium providers offer around the clock protection with a list of virtual locations that you can switch between in real time.  This concludes that having a VPN solution can protect your system and web browsing activities from many types of threats. Moreover, combine your VPN with a decent malware solution, and you’re all set towards secure web surfing.

Having a good security solution coupled with a VPN protects your computer from malware and gives essential security to your online activity.