Protecting the Data Riches, Mobile Security and Antivirus: Why Install it for Android Apps?

Importance of Mobile Security and Antivirus For Your Android APP

Nowadays, mobile phones have replaced the traditional act of diary entries. For people in this technological era, smartphones are no less than a PIN. My point: the data that is there in your phone might contain sensitive and essential information, and thus it leaves the user susceptible to mobile threats and viruses. 

Mobile threats tend to target data that includes credit card number, secondary authentication information, Gmail or any other social media password and whatnot. This means that the user is left with no choice but to install mobile antiviruses that here becomes a necessity for your handset. Android Antivirus for mobile phones works the same way as of the ones that are there in your PC. 

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When Android app antivirus is installed in the mobile phones, it scans the files on the phone, and if there is any problem in the system, it lets the user know that instant.  

Therefore, some businesses have started adopting mobile app security antiviruses to secure mobile app development. After we explain to you with the importance of it, you would be convinced too. 

Let’s start!

Importance of Mobile Security: Why is it Important?

Mobile Security and Antivirus

Hackers are increasingly finding vulnerabilities in smartphones and tablets to exploit and infect them with threats and malware. In this scenario, the only thing that can save your data is an antivirus. Thus, here are some of the points that would explain to you the importance of antivirus in Android App:

1 . Protection of important data  

Having a strong password and unlock patterns tends to ensure that no one can access your data if the phone gets stolen or lost. A reliable antivirus, on the other hand, manages to dodge the hacking attempts of the hackers and tends to prevent malware installation. There are cases where the hackers find there a way to hack a system with the help of links and other legitimate sources. Malware, trojans, virus and other hosts tend to get installed on your devices when you tap on a link. A simple task, such as opening up an email, can also bring this malware to your mobile phones. 

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So how can you defend yourself from such hosts? Avoid tapping on the suspicious email when you are using your mobile phones. Have a reliable and protected antivirus such as phone tracking app, data erasing the app and a VPN is effective.

2 . Protection from unsolicited ads 

Malvertisers tends to spam the browser with lots of unsolicited ads. They usually feed on the infectious codes that are there on online adverts that generally infect the mobile devices. The sad part about these ads is that the user would fail to understand the difference between the real one and the infectious ones. 

Just like the malware that is found in email and links, these ads are full of malware, viruses and trojans, and thus they are likely to ruin the mobile system. Other malts can also bring the user to sites that are infected with viruses, and in a worst-case scenario, the critical data is stolen, and it is held at ransom.  

3 . Power of deleting data when the device is lost

There are possibilities that you might lose your mobile phone or imagining the worst-case scenario: It gets stolen. The chances are that your device would have data that is not only important for you, but also for the organization or business you are working for. An excellent mobile cybersecurity strategy should include software that provides the user with the power to erase data on the devices at a click of the button. 

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4 . Notification for the update 

Software patching is one of the most crucial steps that are there in cybersecurity. Studies show that there are cyber attacks that succeed and thus are enabled by unpatched software. 

A suitable device cybersecurity strategy should involve software that can notify the user about the update that should be conducted in the device. This would not only remind them about the update, but it would also help them to protect their mobile phones. Regularly patching the software would help the threats not to attack your devices. Remember that a single successful cyberattack has the potential to wreck the business financially and also reputation-wise too. Thus, the fact that installing an antivirus is, in fact, an essential and necessary thing to do. 

Some Famous Antivirus for your Android App


Before the names of these antiviruses is released, and you Hire Android App Developer for your work, the user requires to be certain that the source from where they are downloading should not be infected. Whether or not they are not spreading any other infectious malware to your mobile phones.  

360 Security

360 Security

360 security is a suite of antivirus and optimization tool that is rated highly due to 99.9% detection and resolution rate ( highest amount of security app test). The antivirus is termed as one of the lightest security apps on the android market that tends to install quickly and free. Once the user connects the antivirus, malware and system vulnerabilities in real-time – it starts doing its task immediately. The latest version of 360 security comes with memory booster to free RAM, junk file cleaner, power-saving mode and advanced option for locating as well as wiping the phone.



The basic version of Lookout offers those advanced features for free than the ones that are there in the market. There are antiviruses in the market that tends to provide features in their premium or paid version – but not Lookout. Lookout brings out similar features for free to the users. It requires a sign-up to utilize any functionality, but once you are inside, you can expect strong app security and phone location features.

Bit defender mobile antivirus

Bit defender mobile antivirus

An ultra-light app with outstanding features for protecting your device, bit defender mobile antivirus deserves to be at a place that would be one of the best free antivirus software for mobile phones. Comprehensive testing with the authority labs such as AV test institute tends to confirm how well bit defender works. 



This antivirus has been rated with 4.7 stars out of 5 on google play store, making as one of the top contenders for the mobile security app. Even though this app is cumbersome, it justifies that by providing extensive feature-rich capabilities, it can surely cut. Thus, this is one amongst the antiviruses that you won’t regret installing.

Avast mobile security 

Avast is one of the several esteemed names when it comes to mobile security. Now avast is getting in mobile security apps, and it is just as capable of android phones as it is for PCs. Besides the usual real-time protection, device and app scanning of the threats, it includes regular updates for the antivirus database. If the user wants advanced features like geofencing, remote data recovery, and remote SMS, you can buy the premium version from the play store. But the free version does the task just about fine and would protect your devices substantially.

Other Advantages of Installing Antivirus to your Device 

Now we know that antiviruses are really important for Android App Development. Antiviruses not only protect your devices from the malware and threats, but they also provide the user with many other services and advantages. Some of which are:

1 . Optimizing your battery life. An antivirus would allow you to know the consumption of a particular app.

2. It helps in controlling what the app can do with the data and also with the permission level.

3. The information and the data can be blocked once the device is lost or in other hands.

4. It provides with a two-way firewall. In other terms, it settles a limit on incoming and outgoing of data or mail

5. Antivirus Mobile Software also operates as one of the monitoring tools that are advantageous for parents to  control what their dependents are acting on their device.

6. Tends to increase the performance as well as the speed of a device.

In the Nutshell

Antivirus mobile apps can prevent, detect and eradicate the malware and threats; they do have drawbacks but not having them is also an act of “not caring.”

As important and vital as it is to protect your PC, mobile phones is the jewel to you. Thus, we hope that this article was able to tell you why it is before you Hire Mobile App Developer to know that they use real antivirus.

If you have any doubts related to the topic, then you can write a review to us in the comments section. Our professionals and experts would try to solve them and provide you with the necessary aid and solution. We hope that this article brings about the points where you learn that having antivirus on your phone is essential. Get your reliable VPN services Now!

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